Utada’s song… really make me lol

NYC NYC what what
Tokyo Tokyo what what
Send it up from the streets to the highest
To the highest high
Mp3 mp3 players
Work it out, work it out hustlers
Om mani padme Hum

You know I, I’m gonna be yours tonight
We’re gonna… Ooh aah
FYI We’re gonna be up all night
I’ll see you later, call me
You know my number

I never even notice the bolded statement in the song. O_O Man. LOL.

Yer upload to Imageshack so long one.


MacOSX Ideneb v1.4

A big X running on my laptop =D MacOSX Hackintosh FTW. Still a lot to fix and a lot to learn from it. Nice. Exams coming soon too.

I will turn into ‘someone who likes young girls’ XD for Vail’s sister. Why? I fell in love with his sis’s talent. LOL.

I was in the washroom, then when she came back she played Canon in D on the piano. I was like waaaaa =OOO

… and if that cake was really baked by her, I really got nothing to say. So talented. Even know how to run Maple Story private server, using Visual C++ to compile the server and run. (Yes, he even said that he never even install it yet and yet she is using it already).

GGWP Epicness. Lol.

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. XD

Oh, project got runner up. Too bad la they can’t see how useful the concept of “internet poker” can be to the society… Sad. Oh well at least we are second. Lol.

I really wanna kill someone tho. Lol.



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