Rawr =3


Bunnies. They iz cute. Rawr. *pull pull* I think only one girl understands this lol.

Anyway, so where was I for the weekend?


Probably, I think, this is not a really good abstract, so… let’s see. It’s like heaven on earth. Ok besides the fact that I didn’t see much chicks at MMU due to the fact that I went there at the wrong time, but yeah, it’s one hell of an experience.

So do I get an A for my abstract? XD *sorry I was poisoned by my final group report*

How to start this… hmm. It all started out of the blue, like in a chat. It’s been 3 years since I last knew Corny, and I never even been to his house once regardless the numerous invitations and jokes made about going over to his house. So I’d decided, it’s now or never *again*, since we’re graduating soon anyway, yeah, crash his house.

All went well besides the plan (a bit weird schedule, but yeah what to do). The night before we went down, I was gaming (ALL FRIGGIN THANKS TO that idiot la) and I was sick. Sick of the air inside my house, one friggin XPS Laptop, and Desktop which heated up the lower floor like nobody’s business, and the air is so stiff. Went out to mamak (JJ’s) with Jon, whereby he told me about his problem and we discussed about it. Been there done that. Everyone does, I believe.

Ended up didn’t sleep well. Woke up early, directly go for breakfast with them, and head down to Malacca. Took a nap on the way, as I’m really too flatten out. I forgot the exact details, but this is the best I could to put everything into words. Pardon me.

Reached Malacca at around noon, went to this shop, and ate the chicken rice ball. Damn cheap… for 4 people. I was like O_O REALLY AH when I get to know the price. Affordable… unlike the last time.

*swt piskin1 started game come back later*

Woohoo VAMP SPEED ==

Anyway where was I… Ah.

After he sent his gf to Malacca Sentral (first time there for me, and indeed it’s like an airport. = =), so then we… what did we do again, err. o-O?

Ah, met Jaya. Lol. Then straight go MMU already. Beruang Hill tadak beruang pun.

Am utterly disappointed cos can’t see chicks. Lol. Ok no la. Quite awesome the internet speed there, but due to routing problems la international site memang slow. I did a speed test and I O_O Jaya told me the backbone is 155Mb. Our campus only 15! How to fight you tell me. Cisco switch, fibre optic dedicated in and out. I saw that I stuncock on the spot in the IT Society Lab, not the CITS. And so I surf around lor while Corny fix his G5 PSU mod. I did took picture of them soldering the CoolerMaster PSU, but will not post that. =)

The lab is MESSY. Compared to Notts, our facility is much more better. Waaaaay better. It’s really like comparing a dumpster to a modern incinerator. BUT, BUT, they have first hand experience, hands on, which is the VITAL part to learning process. Here, we learn jackshit, heck we don’t even have an IT Society. All noobs here in my place, and those who think that they are good*cough*Sigh. Sad.

Oh here is the screenie. =3

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Ok I just noticed that I didn’t manage to capture the bandwidth numbers… it’s 3MB down 1.5MB up. WTF right?

Fibre optic… ah. I want one too =P

Anyway, spent the rest of the evening there, I even downloaded a cacat quality of Bleach there, then they call it a day. Went to his house, unload the luggages, and took a bath. It was splendid man. How long has it been since I manage to find the water current as strong as that. In Shanghai maybe?

Nice house. Nice surrounding. Never get to see the other 2 dogs on the first day, only on the day before I leave. He pointed me to the house beside which is worn out, and old. I was like *smirks* His house is facing the beach… but the beach is covered by sand, and the government is making a highway there. = =||| But at least he gets to enjoy it before that. =D Nice man. Really.

Interior is awesome as well. Plasma TV positioning a bit off, but still, plasma. Lao. Lol. Dunno where his PSIII and PSP went. Saw the study room, a piano (T__T), and a computer on the side. His sister use to maple one. I’ll blog more bout the sister in a while. *awesomeness material*

So, first night, went out for dinner… we went… for satay celup =D My first time, and it IS awesome. Beyond words. Muah. Bon appetit. Delicious.

Then, we went Jonker Street walkaround, cos it’s just nearby. I ate durian cendol =D Ah 2 years ago with Kwang and Jeevan I went there for GACC event.

Oh, my second time to MMU and Jonker Street lol. Then all tired ady, so go back home, do coursework. I installed MS C++ (like finally) and tried to do coursework. Well the main intention of going down to his place is to do coursework, initially… but… you know…

Did till quite late at night, fooled around as well, made my own Milo in his kitchen, used VPN to BT. Oh yea… I downloaded Ideneb (Mac OS X) over the span of 1 day there. O_O Fast sial. Others were downloading as well. Lao. His line totally make me orgasm. Lol. Makes me come to a realization freedom of enjoying the line (well of course this is sharing) when you get max speed without anyone shouting at you from the top “Oi Alex you downloading ah?” (insider joke).

Ah. Beyond comprehension indeed. I even COD-ed cos too “stress”. Lol.

Next day, woke up, and went breakfast. Some pork noodle, tastes nice. Then directly look for Jaya as the modding fail. Lol. = =

Thank god I took my notes with me… but… but… didn’t manage to do anything anyway. XD

// Ah yeah, was utterly disappointed on the first day… but nvm…. //

Corny FFK Jaya again for lunch… LOL. So they order pizza. I see them mod the PSU, rewire, and stuffs, I really go @@. That shows how much Jaya know his stuffs… all self learn. Respect.

I’ll skip most of the details, and will elaborate to suit later. Then, evening, we went for dinner in the golfcourse (YES. I know what you are thinking. =P), his parent’s restaurant. Ate there, there’s even dessert, and towel to mop your face. =D

You know why? It’s a family gathering dinner. =__=|||| So my friend and I was like wondering whether are we supposed to be there. But Vail clarified that it’s ok cos his family is open minded. =)) So it’s all good.

Jaya told me he’s working in Dell for intern… LAO. Gotta call him for contact number, and wish me luck.

Went back, took a bath, went out again cos Vail left his G5 in MMU. = = Forget to take back, so I followed him lor. When we finally reach home, so I do work again, or attempt to. Ok la rough idea on how to answer, found the ebook, yada yada yada. Retired early for the night after testing our group project “Poker AllStars”.

Next morning, woke up, went to his room, surf a while, and went to his grandmother house for lunch. It’s his grand dad’s memorial day. O_O Yes. So I just bowed, and waited outside of the house.

After a good meal, went back to his house pack up stuff waited till 4 something for his gf to come back and we jump back to Semenyih.

I’ll talk more bout his sis, and Jaya perhaps in the next post for now it shall be more than enough.

Regardless, this is really a stres relief, an eye opener, and one hell of a weekend. Which I know why he can’t study if he go back Malacca… now I know why *lol*

Anyway, it’s a good weekend. Thank you mate. Appreciate it.



4 Responses to “Rawr =3”

  1. lord_jagganath Says:

    ZOMG.. Vails sis is a child leh.. dun do stupid things :3

  2. lord_jagganath Says:

    oh ic ic…. so she is not that young :3 very nice…

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