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The Revival

April 11, 2011

I chose “The Revival” as this post’s title mainly for a few reasons *that suddenly crossed my mind out of the blue*:

  1. It’s been donkey years since I last blogged,
  2. Although I doubt I have readers for my personal rant, I guess it’s a good practice to just blog,
  3. My sleeping time is officially screwed (more on that later), and this feels like University times
  4. I am trying to revive a lot of stuff (from the past in a good manner)

First of all, to my readers out there (if any), I humbly apologise for this delayed post. Overdue like months. Lol. Mainly was because I am either busy, working, sleeping, cybercafe-ing (or in other words DotA-ing), or whatever you can think of (e.g. emo). I used to blog waaaaay more, guess that working life is indeed a bit taxing at times (lol auditors are worse off).



Working Life?

March 24, 2008

By Yoh from LYN

there’s no spoon feed in work.

imho, people who can’t think must learn to think and that’s the use of having a brain.

if one goes work without bringing their brain, or work with that “i got brain but i dont wanna use it to think” attitude, they might as well not work.

the problem with ppl who wants to be spoon fed and cant think is that they are the burden to the company. a bunch of scumbags. and if sarcasm of the reality doesnt teach them, they should really be shoot dead of their reliance for others.

because one true harsh fact about the real world out there is that, if u can’t think logically, fast and give solution as needed, u’re going down the drain. down the drain whereas u’ll never succeed in your life. let alone having high pay job. what you guys think why CEO gets paid so high for?

if one cant think critically and takes on the challenge, might as well work labor work, u dont need to think, just follow orders.

in any other case, i highly recommend scumbags freshman to go back to college and take a subject called critical thinking. this would help a lot in gaining work experience and having ur boss/company thinks tht u actually have a brain to think. it’s a good transforming subject.