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The Revival

April 11, 2011

I chose “The Revival” as this post’s title mainly for a few reasons *that suddenly crossed my mind out of the blue*:

  1. It’s been donkey years since I last blogged,
  2. Although I doubt I have readers for my personal rant, I guess it’s a good practice to just blog,
  3. My sleeping time is officially screwed (more on that later), and this feels like University times
  4. I am trying to revive a lot of stuff (from the past in a good manner)

First of all, to my readers out there (if any), I humbly apologise for this delayed post. Overdue like months. Lol. Mainly was because I am either busy, working, sleeping, cybercafe-ing (or in other words DotA-ing), or whatever you can think of (e.g. emo). I used to blog waaaaay more, guess that working life is indeed a bit taxing at times (lol auditors are worse off).