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Samsung SGH L760 Technical Review (Layman Terms)

November 19, 2007

Before this I promised to post a review on Samsung SGH L760. I was using it for the first 2 weeks, then I switched back to my phone. Why? I will elaborate it later.

First View
After I got my phone, I played around with it, touch here touch there, like what a normal user would do. At first I tried switching it on without putting a SIM card inside, and like other phones it won’t operate until you put a SIM card inside, all functions locked. =\

So, time to slide in the SIM card. But where? I took out the battery, placed it aside, and got shocked to see that the whole phone base is… covered with plastic (that means the SIM slot is not there!). Looked around only to find that the slot is manufactured diagonally, just slightly on top of the battery. You must take the battery out first then only you can slide in the SIM card.

Fit it in, and the phone is ready to go.

At first I got amused by the skin, a bit. But sooner or later I find the layout of the skin annoying as it gives a 0.5sec delay… (feeling) Heck, even my Flash Theme on my SE w850i doesn’t give me that lag. But after a while the lag is not so obvious, so I just live with it. Now after burn-in it works fine, no more delays. Weird eh?

I flipped the phone, turned the phone, toss it around in my hands. It’s quite grip friendly (up to certain level), and the slide is very smooth. Unlike my Sony Ericsson w850i‘s slider when you make a sound (‘tak’) when you push the slider, SGH L760 doesn’t make any sound at all. It’s like you can actually slide it on your pants (put a bit of pressure on the cover and pull it), which is a good / not good thing for some of the users. I find it quite cool. It’s damn light in weight too.

For the design it’s sleek. It looks like one of those Nokia business phone series. It’s flat, slim, and very portable. You can put it in your shirt or trousers without much hassle like other phones (bulky, colliding with your stuffs like keys, etc). There might be a possibility of auto answering calls (if you choose to accept calls when you push your slider [In Options]) as the slider is just too smooth.

The screen dimension is almost the same with my Sony Ericsson w850i. The colour is quite fresh, you can change the brightness settings, yada yada. Normal settings.

Speakers on top of the screen, just a very small opening. Metal cover, with a lot of holes lol. You can notice it in the photos, need not tell much about that.

The port is placed on the right bottom instead of bottom part of the phone like other conventional phones. It’s a two side of a coin to that as you most probably won’t destroy/damage the audio jack just like what I did to my SE w850i’s handsfree. God damn. You can directly plug it in to your computer via the provided cable and start syncronising. Windows XP SP2 auto detects the device as a removable device (if I’m not mistaken). I tried Bluetooth with a computer and it works perfectly.

There’s two cameras built in to the phone, one in front placed right on top right of the phone. Another one is situated at the back of the slider, top part, hidden when the slider is closed. Quite sleek =D It’s written 2.0 MEGA at beside the camera and the metallic circle.

MicroSD slot is on the lower left of the phone. The volume control is on the top left. There’s a quick application launch cum camera button on the top right. I seldom use the quick application button, but the camera instead =D

With a built-in 40MB memory, it’s sufficient for some mp3 and photos. If you’re planning to turn this into a personal mp3 player or camera, you better add another MicroSD card into it as it’s definitely not enough. For me it’s just perfect as it’s for a trial use. Lol.

I like the theme (KL Twin Tower), it’s animated and the scene will change according to the time. When it’s morning it will show a bright scene… Evening has it’s own scene, night has it’s own as well.

Normal Phone Functions
Well, that’s what a phone is used for right? xD My mum called me and asked about the phone, and she notice the clear, distinct sound coming from my side. There’s no noise (as in distortion), quite loud (decently loud I mean), and the phone fits well to the ears. It doesn’t burn your ear that much as some other phones.

You can set the ringtone(duh), volume, phonebook groups (Family, Girlfriend, Mistresses[oops], etc) and quite a number of stuffs. I got no 3G and never tried the video call, but I tested the video call camera and it’s quite decent. Compared to my SE w850i of course it looks cooler to have a video call on L760. Haha.

Tried handsfree, and it manage to amaze me. For a Samsung phone I actually never thought of the fact that it manage to reach my expectations. It’s freaking clear.

Well, is normal for some users to message more than they call… That includes meh. =D Actually this is the first function I tried when I got the phone. Played around with the settings, and I find that the dictionary for the L760 is not flexible enough. I hate the fact that you need to press zero (0) to change the words for T9 dictionary and hash (#) to space. Whereas for Nokia one need to pres zero (0) for space and Asterik (*) to change the words; while Sony Ericsson’s hash (#) is for space and you need to press downkey to change the words (at least for my SE w850i).

So basically the comparison of keys is tabulated below:

For me I prefer Nokia or Sony Ericsson, as I adapt to that way faster compared to the time it took me to master my L760. I’m like “Geez, why Samsung assign the keys like that…” after I found out what key is used to change the words (I asked the Samsung representitive that day).

It’s quite cool at the first look, but in reality is quite troublesome to send a messsage. I’ll try to include pictures in my post as I’m totally typing this without referring to any manuals or photos.

The message page is divided into 2 sections, user number and message. You need to manually press Ok to type your message, and you can navigate between the sections with the navigation key (of course). After finish typing what you want, press OK again, and now you can do the following:
1. Select > Send To
2. Or move to the top and press OK.

Both brings you to the same screen, it’s just that you cut short one part if you press OK and move to the top.

The message settings is a bit different from other phones. Not used to it. It shows the last 3 receipents you sent/called, and a few more options below.

Never tried sending picture messages on it, yet. But generally it should be the same as other phones. =)

File Transfer (Photo, Music, etc)
Well, I tried transfering stuffs from hp to hp, hp to computer, computer to hp(coming soon). It works fine from handphone to handphone. Bluetooth rocks lol. xD Anyway, when you want to transfer stuffs from your handphone to computer (i.e. photo transfer), you need to manually choose which photos to be ‘Bluetooth viewable’ as all of the photos and musics are not viewable on the computer by default. I think it’s one of the security features, which is quite good, but at first I find it quite troublesome. It’s a just in case measure. The computer cannot see anything if you never enable that particular photo to be viewed on Bluetooth. Cool eh? When you friend transfer photos to your phone, it will be saved into Images. The same goes for music files (mp3, the supported extensions) in Sounds. You will have to move it manually to the folders you want to. You can always check your memory status (Option 6 by default) in ‘My Files’.

Music Player
At first glance, it’s green in colour. Yikes! Funky indeed. Lol. It’s actually not bad compared to Sony Ericsson K800i’s MP3 player. It has the minimise function as well, which allows you to minimise the player into background while you type message, surf the net, etc. The downside is once the player is minimised you cannot use the panel quicklaunch as the multimedia buttons override them for that moment (until media player is closed). It’s a quite decent player. The speaker is quite loud and clear (on par with my Sony Ericsson w850i, BUT of course vocal definition mine still smoke this baby).

It will show you Last Played, All, Recently Played, Most Played, Artists, Genres, Albums, Composers, Podcasts, Playlists. When you are actually playing a song in the player, you will see the album art(if any) as there is an empty disc icon in the middle. The design for the player is quite sleek and expected. =D

Quick Launch
It has the same function like other phones, it’s fully customisable, and if you don’t like the predefined settings you can change it to whatever you want. Not much to comment on it, as it’s quite standard to have it nowadays.

I personally hate this function. My Sony Ericsson w850i’s alarm is way better than this. No matter how I set it (maybe it’s a PEBKAC* error =\) after I press the snooze button it just WON’T snooze. I gave up on the alarm… Sheesh. You can customise the alarm tone, loudness, yada yada. I’m just not using it if it’s my primary phone.

*PEBKAC — Problem Exist Between Keyboard and Chair (in other words use error)
Never really used it, unless the time when my friend used his SIM card on my phone, and I saw the browser. Still ok, but not that user-friendly. I expect something more GUI-ish, or in other words easier to change the settings whatsoever. I just find it hard for beginners.

well 2 cameras can be useful, when you want to camwhore of course lol. =P You can change the settings to use the front or rear camera. You will know how to tweak it once you play with it. It’s just that in max resolution you can’t focus anymore, if you want to focus for your photos, you need to change the photo resolution, then only it will allow to use the zoom function. I found this out after I ask goldfries <_< Thanks bro!

The photo quality is still decent, a lot of noise, but the colour is more lively compared to my Sony Ericsson w850i. It seems that Samsung’s photo rendering engine is just normal. Nothing to be shouted compared to Sony Ericsson.

Click on the following link for the photo quality of L760 =D — Click Here

Blogging Function
Right, I can’t even activate ShoZU and you want me to blog from my phone… Right. I saw the steps to upload the photo from your hp to your blog directly with ShoZu and 3G. Not bad, but there’s a copyright image in the end of the post, which you might find it irritating, well, at least for the female hardcore bloggers who attended the TT section. One of them was like, “Eww, it’s so ugly *pukes*“. I was there, lol-ing my ass off.

If you are a hardcore blogger, go for it. Provided that you are going to activate 3G for it. Lol. This technology is not bad, but I just don’t find it very practical for me. I rather waste my time typing in my blog rather than posting from my phone. The function is just cool, nothing much to shout about actually.

It comes with a few cool applications. You have Calendar(duh!), FM Radio, Memo, Task, Voice Recorder, World Clock, Calculator, Converter, Timer, Stopwatch, RSS reader(good for bloggers), and EasyAccess.

I’d tried the Voice Recorder. Quite clear. This phone never let me down in terms of sound. World clock is quite useful if you are travelling around quite a lot, it shows the clocks in the display. Handy eh? The converter is capable of converting currencies, length, weight, volume, area and temperature.

EasyAccess is the service provided by your own SIM. For Maxis users it’s the service provided by Maxis itself. So it all depends on your original service provider.

Random Rant
The battery life is quite low. It doesn’t last long. Sigh. I need to give this phone back, unless I win it! Lol.

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