National Service

Basic Intro
National Service (supposedly) was created to plant nationalism spirit into ones heart and be loyat to your own country. It also plays a role i borning national unity.

Advance Intro
Some kind of training which provides physical and mental training plus knowledge for trainees which wil make them a better person. Unfortunately for the third batch it’s a totally different story. Behold…

Yeah, at first who likes to attend NS… Most of the time they’ll say that it’s a waste of time. For me it’s a waste of my holidays (man, 3 months of hols from Nottingham… It’s like a bonanza for us after exams. =D) But then again you can’t really skip NS when you’re in the middle of a HOLIDAY right… so got no choice but to follow the order. At first before entering NS, I can predict that this batch will not be as fun as first and second. Indeed the result turned out as expected. But, I do learn a lot there, and also got hurt so many times there. >”<

So the first 3 weeks I enter NS there isn’t much stress, eventhough I was ‘framed’ to be the Company Leaeder. Yeah, that might seem fun, but the first 3 weeks of that isn’t that pleasing. Imagine being shouted every single day.

Later on, relationship with friends started to change, and that’s when we started mixing with girls. I can still remember that The number of girls is still quite low that time, and it’s like 3~5 guys talking to a girl. I never bother to go there as I told myself before, “NOT TO FALL IN LOVE IN NS”, but I was wrong.

I met Moon, a schoolmate of mine. A few years ago. Yeah. Apparently she fell in love with me, so called. It all started during a game, where we throw the ball around and one person needs to catch it. Yeah, ‘monkey’ ball. I accidentally (note that I didn’t use quotes, it’s NOT on purpose!) fling the ball towards her chest while she’s not aware. Bam, and shit happens. Somehow she said that i need to “marry” her and wore a “ring” (made of the middle part of coconut leaves). I dully agreed. Shit happens again and we got together for 11 days and for god knows what reason we seperated. That sucks man.

Yes, because of that bitch I got so fucked up when the whole Charlie Company dislike me, and when I found out why, I was so damn frustrated and regretted why on earth did I do so. Anyway, stuffs turning complicated when Bravo Company’s guys disliked me as well. Heck, it’s like a war between 2 parties. Apparently stuffs changed from bad to worse when I won the drill test and became overall squadleader for Kem Jiwa Murni. From that onwards, I fell in love with my ‘honey’ (which now gives me a deep trauma and.. erm, dunno how to put it in words) and I met new friends(Keong, Alpha Company guys) and so on.

It was fun hanging around with Sean. Yes, she’s attached outside. But we got together. Feelings deepened when time flocks by. Been through WiraJaya, isn’t that tough as I expected. Drill Competition in Gopeng? Don’t even dare to mention, I was the backup for the platoon commandant, and we got 9th out of 10 camps. What a disappointment. Shit happens when my padlock got superglued, this and that. Supernatural activities… Mediums… Wow, once in a lifetime experience. Love notes, cuddling, sad moments, freaked out moments, anxious moments… It’s all there.

During the last day, Lambaian Kasih, some cried out. I poured a bit too. She(sean) smiled damn sweet that night, really. That was the sweetest moments in NS. BTW, I made her a gift, something childish but as long as she’s happy then it’s alright for me. Before we part ways she gave me a gift (a bottle with stars). End of story.

So my love life was so unstable now. She dunno who to choose now, and I’m so frustrated whether did she really like me or not. Or what the heck, is she fooling me around by saying that her grandma wants her to get engaged. I will find out, somehow I hope. Learnt a lot from this 3 months training, you can’t buy it. Anyway, it’s a real torment. Sigh. >”<

This is only a brief walkthrough of what I’d experienced. For more info, ask me or read my scrap. That should give you a better idea.



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