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Greetings from the land of Milk and Sheep

June 1, 2009

Hoy there!! its been a long time since i’ve posted ‘ere! Hoho, the land is fresh, the air is  friggin’ cold… and I am loving this life. The scope for IT and Comp. Sci. Grads are great here. You have to look carefully at where you want to go and what type of criteria you fit. and are good sites to look at. look for jobs that are suitable and don’t be shy to call that number! This advice applies for Australia too! There are tonnes of websites that offer various job options but do try first!

Maybe I should post a collection of the links that i have amassed over the years…

till then, Sayonara!


[Tutorial] How to fix missing icon at taskbar

January 30, 2009

Well, this is my personal encounter, so yeah.

Back then that day I forgot what on earth happened, but when I wanna watch some random movies in my archive (oh trust me it’s not grand lol), I never fail to notice the missing ol’ ye faithful volume icon at the taskbar. Stop! If you don’t get it, look below, there *points*:

Look at the cute volume icon on the right =D
Look at the cute volume icon on the right =D

Yeah, that volume icon. I love Vista’s new volume functions compared to XP. I don’t know why but it takes sometime to get used to it, after the XP-Vista phase shift, but yeah I like the way that you can control various volume levels for various applications simultaneously.

Something went wrong somewhere, and poof it’s gone. I was frustrated. I went to the control panel, hoping to find the “show icon” function, and failed miserably. Recollecting my memory to which where the function was located back in XP, and it’s not there. I was like, screw it I’ll do it the hard way (since in Vista you can change the main volume provided that you have to access the Playback Devices > Speakers / Headphones > Properties > Volume Level. Pain in the ass, indeed.

A few days later, which was a few hours ago, I felt the randomness in me, and I decided to Google for a solution (always do… haha) Aha, smart Vista. Apparently from what I read, it’s a Vista problem, Vista users will have the chance to face it (it’s not a very troublesome thing but yeah) if you’re ‘lucky’. Microsoft is apparently noted of the problem and hopefully Windows 7 will get it of it (which I highly doubt since it’s still in process).

… and now I present you the epic solution to the problem (not-normal users friendly):

  1. Run “regedit” (Registry Editor)
  2. Find “iconstreams
  3. Delete all registry keys with names “IconStreams” and
    PastIconStreams” until “iconstreams” can no longer be found in the
  4. Restart Windows Vista
  5. Enable the missing icon using the usual method

In which, the path for my Vista Ultimate 64bit, is the following (note: might differ for machines)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify

I deleted it, finish up all of my work, restart, and voila it still haven’t show up. No worries all you have to do, go to your taskbar, right click, click on Properties. Then head to Notification Area > Click on the one you want to show.

Oh yeah, this is the screenshot of a disabled function (which causes the icon(s) to disappear):

Note the disabled selection. =(
Note the disabled selection. >=(

I was like… wth?

Don’t worry, it’s M$ Windows. Lol. *burppppp*

… and no I don’t get paid for doing that. Have fun!


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“I remember the time of my life”

April 9, 2008

Now playing — CrazyDJ feat. East Clubbers – Dream 2007 (Radio Edit)

Time 12:00PM. Yeah, early… Supposed to wake up around 1pm, never knew Sam and Joshua came so early. So woke up, took my laptop, put it outside, burn the disc for him, and let the teaching begin.

So basically what I did before this, I told them, show them the commands, and voila class finish. You know how to crack WEP Wifi connection already. Simple.

How I wish that someone thought me that. =(

I learn everything by myself, sole trial and error, bang here bang there.

Someone commented on my NS post, “life’s unfair”.

Yeah, life’s unfair, because it was never meant to be fair at the first place.

Why can’t I tell myself this:

It’s just not worth your time. Why you want to do this? Get your priorities straight boy. Treat it as a stepping stone to success. No need to put ANY hope on it. You know it’s just not meant to be. You clearly know that. Remember the /b/ lookalike poster in your room? Fight for your loved ones… Don’t you dare to forget that.

I need to exercise… My immune system is basically useless now. Fuck.

Stomach still feel the aching effect. Maybe it’s gastric? =(

anata ga suki des aitakute
KISU ga hyaku oku no yuki wo tsutau no
doko ka de guzen ni meguriaeru hi made
wasurenakute mo baby sukidemo ii desu ka?
zutto wasurenai…

Now playing – BoA — Winter Love

BTW, Joshua told me he have the Music and Lyrics movie. Hmm. I MUST GET THAT!

Looping the same song over and over again either gives you a few effects:
1. You’ll be sick of the song
2. You’ll be emotional (if it’s a damn breakup song or whatever)
3. Adrenaline Boost (like Eminem – Soldier)

Am brushing my teeth while doing this. Lol. =(

So much pressure in this life of mine,
I cry at times,
I once contemplated suicide

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It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Flashing w850i Success!

March 16, 2008

Wee, finally it’s a success. Yeah I’d deleted the dispdriver0.dat before this and the “original” file I found is apparently modified as well which still gives the unlock time screen lag thingy which I hated the most…. Spent most of my time searching for APAC CD52 Original w850i firmware

When I finally got it… Extracting error. Wtf vmad.gif

Then I used the Europe version and extraction went fine. =__=

But then I’m happy enough to revert back the display driver back to it’s original state. Thank God!

I’d flashed my camdriver… You see the difference in saturation and clarity. Now it can shoot micro too! (Don’t have that function, but snapping photos containing text became clear) It’s like a slightly stripped version of K Series woot! rclxm9.gif

You’ll be the judge. Before and after modification. thumbup.gif


Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at

Apparently my stupid housemate (upstairs) changed the WPA key. =_= So, the captured 4-way handshake and hex key is rendered useless now…

Maybe it’s time for another reverse engineering… Muahhahah xD Wish me luck. laugh.gif

KAV WebProtect~

December 31, 2007

Wow. Cool. First time seeing it in action. =D Anyway, tested KAV with the EICAR’s com file. Webprotect kicked in. Here’s a screenie.

Click on it for full screenshot (1400*960)

So, AVS (Active Virus Shield) last time got this function stripped off its core. This is what super_macgyver been insisting. Now I get the point. Kaspersky Rocks!

PC Tools AV is so resource friendly. Hmm. Gotta try on that someday.

Gerviene’s laptop — I defragged it for freaking 24 hours. Just finished. =_=

Found KISS – Because I’m A Girl 40MB Video. Gotta see the quality. Better hope it’s a high one. Well. Lyrics coming soon, when I have the time.

Wait, I should be studying. God damn.

Revolutionary Online SimGame?

December 28, 2007

Yeah, I ain’t joking. It’s damn cool. It does everything by itself. Just that you need to visit a link everyday to make it grow. Kewl eh?

This is how mine looked like, just created just now for fun.

You need to work your way up so that the city can grow and more habitants inside your world. Or state. Whatever. =)

The above link leads to the advancement of industrial in your state. Check it out too.

Anyway, click on it, and the population will increase. You can see the growth of it. You can choose on which part of the world you’ll be, so that you’re competing in the chosen country instead. Cool huh?

Maximum Memory Windows 32bit Utilise

December 16, 2007

Click Here For The Original Article

I, eXPeri3nc3, and eXPeri3nc3 Corner provide the article as is without warranty of any kind. All legal actions, trademarks, lawsuits are expressively disclaimed. =P

It’s a good read. Most people, that includes me, frequently ask, why does our Windows XP doesn’t fully utilise our 4GB RAM, or some might even ask what’s the maximum capacity RAM one can install / integrate into his / her computer.

The answer is here.

Why doesn’t my Windows® PC recognize the whole 4GB of memory I installed?

The maximum amount of memory that your system can use is actually limited in two ways — not only is there a maximum amount of memory that your computer motherboard can accept, there is also a maximum amount of memory that your operating system (OS) can accept.

For instance, when you install 4GB of memory in a 32-bit Windows system (the most common version; 64-bit systems are typically used only by high-end users), your system will see (and utilize) only 3GB or 3.5GB. Is the problem bad memory?

Relax, there isn’t a problem with the memory. Windows allows for 4GB of memory to be addressed, but this isn’t 100 percent the same as having 4GB of physical memory.

What happens is that some of the addressable memory (regardless of how much you have physically installed) is reserved for use by page files or by some of the devices that you are using, such as a graphics card, PCI card, integrated network connections, etc., so it’s unavailable for use as normal main memory.

The amount of memory needed for these devices is calculated by your system at startup; if you haven’t maxed out the memory in your system, it’s invisible to you, and all your physical memory (the RAM that’s installed) is available for use. However if you’ve maxed out the DRAM in your system, this amount will be deducted from your physical memory, so you can’t use 100% of your DRAM.

The maximum memory limitation varies by operating system; for instance, the 4GB memory limitation doesn’t exist in 64-bit versions of Windows.

Memory maximums for current Microsoft® Windows OSs include:

* Windows XP Home: 4GB

* Windows XP Professional: 4GB

* Windows XP 32-bit: 4GB

* Windows XP 64-bit: 128GB

* Windows Vista Home Basic: 4GB

* Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit: 8GB

* Windows Vista Home Premium: 4GB

* Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit: 16GB

* Windows Vista Ultimate: 4GB

* Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit: 128GB+

* Windows Vista 32-bit: 4GB

* Windows Vista 64-bit: 128GB+

Further Reading — Click Here

A part of the article:

What is the maximum amount of RAM the Windows operating system can handle?

That depends on two factors: the amount of memory your computer hardware can handle, and the amount of memory your Microsoft® Windows® operating system (OS) can handle.

When purchasing your memory upgrade, make sure that you do not exceed the lower of the two maximums (OS and computer maximums.) Too much RAM can lower your system’s performance or cause other problems. (In most cases, the system maximum is lower than the OS maximum.)

Here are the OS maximums for some popular versions of Microsoft Windows:

* Windows 95: 1GB

* Windows 98: 1GB

* Windows 98SE: 1GB

* Windows ME: 1.5GB

* Windows NT®: 4GB

* Windows 2000 Professional: 4GB

* Windows 2000 Server®: 4GB

* Windows 2000 Advanced Server: 8GB with PAE enabled

* Windows 2000 Datacenter Server: 32GB with PAE enabled

Right… Mail From The Future?! o.O

December 3, 2007

Out of curiosity I went and checked my Yahoo! Mail. I saw something interesting… at first I was like… erm, might be a mail from history, and it’s displaying mail in ascending order. But no… When I look closely I’m like… 2008? WTFBBQSAUSE?

2008. Spam bot. Sheesh. At least put something that knocks some sense into other people. Oh wait, spam is not even logical at the first place xD

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Exploit Lmao

November 30, 2007

I won’t say that this is an exploit, but it’s more to backdoor concept.

From a site I found, it’s kinda fun to have (un)authorize access to phpMyChat lol xD

I’d tested myself, and it really works. Too bad there ain’t anyone there. =(

Free Image Hosting at

It seems that they never fix it. Lol.


November 25, 2007

Chingy was fast with the comments. Lol. Pro.

Anyway just a few couple of highlights before starting report editing.

  1. Domain name, gonna try to get something cool, short and easy to remember. Somehow related with my nick. Any ideas? Chingy?
  2. Returned my Samsung SGH L760, never bought it even though discount 50%. Too hard to be used for my mum.
  3. My Seasonal Rant actually made Jeevan shed his tears… I got shocked.
  4. My friend(a girl coursemate) heard ‘stuffs’ calling her at night in TTS4. Reports from Kwang saying that there’s similar cases happening. I shall conclude that the place is dirty, as I’d been there and I felt uneasy. I can tell.
  5. Websurfing from my w850i is way cooler than SGH L760. I like the way Sony Ericsson thinks, they give you landscape viewing =D Tried that last night before going to sleep lol.
  6. I’m stuff with assignments and a test. Shit.
  7. Brian (goldfries) mentioned that he actually manage to learn faster than what his previous college teach him. Geez. <_<

GTG now. Tata.

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