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Greetings from the land of Milk and Sheep

June 1, 2009

Hoy there!! its been a long time since i’ve posted ‘ere! Hoho, the land is fresh, the air is  friggin’ cold… and I am loving this life. The scope for IT and Comp. Sci. Grads are great here. You have to look carefully at where you want to go and what type of criteria you fit. and are good sites to look at. look for jobs that are suitable and don’t be shy to call that number! This advice applies for Australia too! There are tonnes of websites that offer various job options but do try first!

Maybe I should post a collection of the links that i have amassed over the years…

till then, Sayonara!


G51MCS Exam @_@

January 9, 2008

WTF… Anyway I think I won’t fail @_@

Well, reading that ebook certainly made me understand better for this subject. Screw my teacher, he left out parts of the lecture.

Anyway gonna retire soon and start another marathon again. Aihhh

I can barely think straight now.

BTW, anyone that knows any priority teachers? I need em to get my priority straight xD

Combofix even got a tutorial on how to use… Lol. Cool. It’s in bleepingcomputer.

©eXPeri3nc3 2008. ARR.

Exploit Lmao

November 30, 2007

I won’t say that this is an exploit, but it’s more to backdoor concept.

From a site I found, it’s kinda fun to have (un)authorize access to phpMyChat lol xD

I’d tested myself, and it really works. Too bad there ain’t anyone there. =(

Free Image Hosting at

It seems that they never fix it. Lol.

Right… Saved a few hundred bucks I guess?

September 30, 2007

Well, jump to the main point first. The forecast in Friendster’s Horoscope section is true… I gotta save my money, and I’ll find a way. Indeed. After seeing Hui Joo being so pumped up and read the online notes, me for one who is god damn lazy (just back from Dinner and shopping in Billion Supermarket) went up to wikipedia and read some stuffs. Apparently Turing Test and Chinese Room ain’t that easy as it sounds. Quite a lot of points need to be memorised. Darn, such as Lady Lovelace Objection, Mechanical Objection, etc. Gawd… @.@

And so I googled for my lecturer’s site, as I didn’t have the link for it (I register late, hence my absence from first class). Bang here bang there, poof, here it is. Read a few PPT slides, then notice the need of additional text book reference. Googled for a while, less than 3 minutes I found a copy of Ebook! I’m like WTF… LOL As last time I try to find something like it, but to no avail. This time it’s like… Wow. Indeed save a lot of money. If only the University Printers have that much paper for me to print *evil grin*

Right, so I did save some money didn’t I? 😉

Today’s agenda ain’t that unique. Still the same ol’ style. Woke up, stone there a while, took my bath, breakfast (Thank God my Tuna’s edible! LOL), and went to Uni. Stayed in teh comp lab for the whole day, besides lunch when Jeev had his with his beloved parents. =) Anyway downloaded Hitman Blood Money, and some random stuffs. 3Gig++ lawl xD VMWare Workstation… Have to test it on Jeev’s computer soon. =D

So nothing much, just spam in the forums, offer assistance, read some stuffs, Java (just a bit, can’t really understand the tutorial in Java’s Official site). I see Enigmatic playing NFS Carbon in his Inspiron 8800… My gosh. T_T

OMG still converting?! Well yea the ebook I downloaded was in *.djvu format, and I’m converting it to pdf. Thanks to Google it saved my time finding the solution. Love ya much Google~*! Muaks~*~*

If only my blog popularity keep increasing… =D Go google and type ‘lowyat lawsuit’ — My site appears to be the third result (might + or – when time goes by). Wootsie. xD

Was basically stoning and upset out of the blue when having dinner with Kwang. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s time I head for the gym… If only the creative and intelligent side of me kicks in at THE RIGHT TIME… and not my devilish, emo-ish, darkside kicks in. Sighz. Can’t do much.

Chatted with Aoshi_88 for the evening, kinda nice guy. He seem to know a lot as well… Haha, time for some brain zapping? xD Did HJT logs as well. Updated my arsenal in my pendrive (Latest Combofix, DrWebCureit, SymNRT, SREng)

Guess it’s all for tonight. It’s Year 1 Bsc (Honours) Computer Science baby~* New leaf must come!

OT — The hearing is on 2nd of Oct! A lot of parties claimed that Kenny Wong don’t even stand a chance to win, it’s just a paper worth ‘RM50’ paid by him for a lawyer letter which in reality makes no use besides scaring people off. We’ll see by then. Let’s just hope his ass to be thrashed. =D

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Lol Retards Exist

June 14, 2007

Look at the screenshot.


LOL look at this retard, he really expects blogging can generate 6 digit income. You know what, if you got email spambots, porn sites for submission, please use this email. You’re more than welcome.

 “wth? explain la, u didnt tell then how the fcuk wanna earn 6 figure, bodoh sial!!!” – xDDD (

Also, he’s the only retard spammer that put his email… LOL xD Man, this guy really bodoh sial 😀


CleanX-II by sUBs (Brontok / Rontokbro Removal Tool)

May 13, 2007

Written by eXPeri3nc3.
Very often these days you see that your computer being infected by spywares and crapwares which one might not even know that what invaded his or her computer. An easy way to know that you’re infected with Brontok is you receive popup messages that relates to Indonesia, then you know that you’re infected with Brontok. Anyway, it’s one of the most apparent yet noticeable way to detect it. Some of its variants are more resilent.


Flash Disinfector – Flash Drive Autorun Malware Remover by sUBs

May 10, 2007

You hereby agree to the terms and conditions when you read this article and use Flash Disinfector where “This software is provided ‘As Is’ without warranty of any kind” and whatever changes will be made to your system.

*So stop asking for how to remove autorun.inf from your pendrive / USB Drive / Removable Drive*

* ripped this post and did not quote where did it ripped from.  This is where the first original form of this post being posted in the internet. Shame on you.*

Flash Disinfector is a Flash Malware removing tool created by courtesy of sUBs. It’s a neat and handy tool to handle all of the messes done by those pesky flash malwares. By no means this tool nor this article will guarantee that your pc is 100% clean, it just acts as a reference.

IF this article is helpful, feel free to tell your friends about it/share this post.

Flash Disinfector will target the following Flash malwares(in general):

W32/Perlovga (copy.exe | host.exe)
VBS_RESULOWS.A (Hacked by Godzilla, Hacked by Moozilla)
w32automa worm (Autorun.vbs)
Trojan.Win32.VB.atg | Win32/Dzan | Worm_vb.bnr (tel.xls.exe | mmc.exe)
W32/RJump.worm (RavMonE) | W32.Fujacks (spoclsv.exe)
W32.Fujacks.BH (Fucker.vbs)
WORM_AGENT.PGV (soundmix.exe)
W32/Hakaglan.worm (RVHost.exe)
Trojan.Win32.VB.ayo [AVP] (Macromedia_Setup.exe)
Trojan.VBS.DeltreeY.b#1 (Destrukto!!! | destrukto.vbs)

Added entries as of 18/08/2008
Huelar Virus | W32.Huelar
RVHOST | Win32.Sohanad

What will Flash Disinfector Do
– Clean up junks created by flash malwares
– Deletes autorun.inf from every root folder
– Fix back damages done to your system
– Creates an autorun.inf folder in the root of your system drives
– Sometimes (as and when required) Flash Disinfector will prompt the user that a reboot is required to complete the removal

How To Use The Tool

*Please remember to disable any AV / ScriptBlockers as they might detect Flash Disinfector to be malicious and block it. Hence, the failure in executing. You can enable them back after the cleaning process*

Mirror (sole source) —

Download Flash Disinfector by sUBs and save it to your desktop.

  • Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it. Follow any prompts that may appear.
  • Your desktop will vanish for a while, and then reappear. This is normal.
  • Wait until the program has finished scanning, then please exit the program.
  • Restart your computer and see if problem still persists.

It would be best to go to go to ASAP forums ( ,, etc.) for further help if problem still persists. Please be patient when they offer you help. You can also donate to the forums if they’d helped you to keep it running.

This article will be removed if requested. I hope that this post is helpful.

*Article written by eXPeri3nc3, tool written by sUBs. By no means eXPeri3nc3 nor eXPeri3nc3’s Corner will take any credit from this tool (Flash Disinfector by sUBs), this article is for assisting purpose only. All credit goes to sUBs.