Yes… headache.

First thing’s first. Happy birthday to myself (a very belated one). I was lazy to post a blog entry on my birthday. Surprising eh?

So, what’s been going on so far, a lot of shit. Lol. I’m finally a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and having my Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam this Saturday. Ahhh study headache.

Been having sleep debts, though I just had like a 2 hour nap I am still facing poundings from my head. Geez.

I’m here only to blog about 3 girls.

Thank you Christine for being such a nice and innocent friend. I actually smiled much more with you around.

Finally got introduced to you, Siew Pau. Lol. Man you look damn smoking hot in that black dress and it’s quite short too. Nosebleed max. Took a photo with you, danced with you for a bit (when I’m fucking tipsy) before the fat friend of yours came and hugged you away. IF I was a lil’ bit more sober… I promise I won’t drag you to a corner, I’ll probably just carry you away in my arms and strip your heels off and see you dance on the floor like Biannual dinner!

NOTE: Biannual Dinner is free, KSP Night is not. Food sucks for KSP Night. I’m late for both events, one due to a fickle minded colleague (which caused me to not register and ALMOST missed my doorgift, never participate in the lucky draw, and I MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO ON STAGE FOR BEST DRESS FML). Oh, RM1.2k for whole full 3 piece suit including new shoes. Didn’t manage to get a good pair of cuff links though, using stock G2000 ones.

Last but not least… the Amethyst (not sure why, maybe I’ll call her that). I’m pretty sure purple is not your fave color, but IDK why in my dream you’re dressed as light purple, or maybe it’s due to the brain’s processing (I took a photo of her in purple dress before she left PwC). Yes, just because I slept without a pillow I actually had a dream with you in it, and we got married…

It was pretty surreal. Lol. This dream happened like this morning. For the first time in my life, dreaming of getting married is actually happy and fun. (Think of the pesky kids later on — that was what I did last time). When I woke up I was like so shocked that this dream actually took place. Well…

So as I’m still recovering from a hangover, took a photo with the sizzling Siew Pau, and had Amethyst as my wife (in a dream =]), not bad. Hahah. XD

… and yeah I have to admit the kissing scene was awesome.

Ah yea recently got connected back with Wai Yee, the lady that helped me a lot during my Star Scholarship days. She has a baby girl now turning 3 next year! How time flies.

But the first thing she asked after ‘how are you’ is that… wait for it… wait for it…

‘Are you single?’


I swear to God a lot of people ask me the same question. They say I look good with a girl, who doesn’t. Lol.

Tough luck mate.

Okie that’s all for now… back to study.

p/s — I’m surprised that there are a few (3 to 4 random hits) on my blog posts… Thought there will be none lulz

Peace out. Till next time,

— eXPeri3nc3


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