Dead for 2 months


… or rather been too busy as well as out of this world. Lol.

Seriously, I didn’t even write in my diary anymore ever since the Alliance Engagement.

Anyhow, this is like what happened during this period:
– Worked night shift in Cyberjaya for close to one month, thanks to that almost turned gay because I face my male colleague like 18 hours a day
– Car accident – an asshole bang me and ran
– Foot accident – cut my foot, bleed like mad, surgery costed RM7k
– Went to NZ for PT for Fisher & Paykel – Just came back yesterday

It’s been hell of a two months. The kicker? My beloved Manager is leaving the firm. =(

That is pretty depressing to be truthful. But things will come and go I guess. It’s just like the Wheel. Always turning unless you break out of the cycle (reach enlightenment / Nirvana).

… and I think I have a crush on my manager. I would really be happy when she’s around regardless. IDK why, not sure if it’s my delusional thoughts, or my screwed up hormones, pity, but yeah. Lol. Either way it should not happen and will not happen anyway. But still, am trying very hard so that it doesn’t affect the better of me.

Talk about early-20s crisis. Lol.

NZ is nice. Air is clean and cold. Winter there. Scenery quite nice. Green. Simple life. So peaceful. Slow paced. But expensive due to conversion.

… and yeah, I kidnapped a lamb for her. I think I’m just being foolish at times lol.

Ahhhh. Whatever.

Gonna sleep. Bye world.

p/s — Life is short. Really. Ever since the two accident I will never look at life the same through those rose-coloured glasses.



3 Responses to “Dead for 2 months”

  1. Spicy Dota Queen Says:

    omg. what a busy life you have hhaha. Is it even possible to kidnap a lamb???

  2. Enigmatic Says:


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