The Revival


I chose “The Revival” as this post’s title mainly for a few reasons *that suddenly crossed my mind out of the blue*:

  1. It’s been donkey years since I last blogged,
  2. Although I doubt I have readers for my personal rant, I guess it’s a good practice to just blog,
  3. My sleeping time is officially screwed (more on that later), and this feels like University times
  4. I am trying to revive a lot of stuff (from the past in a good manner)

First of all, to my readers out there (if any), I humbly apologise for this delayed post. Overdue like months. Lol. Mainly was because I am either busy, working, sleeping, cybercafe-ing (or in other words DotA-ing), or whatever you can think of (e.g. emo). I used to blog waaaaay more, guess that working life is indeed a bit taxing at times (lol auditors are worse off).

I was at BRJ (Section 2, famous mamak in WM), and had my dinner (supposedly breakfast). Then it came to me that I’d been there for quite a bit, a few months, and the area there is not too bad particularly. Although it’s a student area, it is a highly robbery/incident happening area as quoted by my seniors, friends, bystanders. So if you’re walking alone at dodgy or dark areas most likely something bad is gonna happen to you. Well that’s the general perception of the area.

Allow me to roughly describe the area I currently stay in. Taman Desa Setapak and also around it. I, for one that wanted to save money (because I’m entirely on my own, whatever I spend and save will be mine) so I ended up staying in some back alley behind the restaurant row which is filthy dirty and it stinks because in front of my house there’s like a garbage dump. Yeah, talk about convenience.

Speaking of which, there are like 7~8 hairdressing shops, 1 Indian barber (not counted),  2 7-11 shops, 1 Guardian, 1 Watson, a few noodle ala cafe shops, at least 3 sundry shop, one (or more) clinic, a few hawker centre (sorta like 3 to be exact) and also 2 roundabouts (wtf?). Heh. So pretty much whatever I want I can get it here, within footsteps. The bad thing is the shops are not operating past midnight (duh) so anything else you have to rely on the convenient shops (to date I’d never stepped into 7-11 before here).

One thing bad here is that my dairy product (fresh milk) is hard to come by. I can’t store anyway because the fridge in my house isn’t really a fridge… (yeah don’t ask). I miss my half-boiled eggs and milk routine for breakie. Aaaaa.

So food wise, and also haircut, will not be a problem. Definitely. I think I heard someone saying public transport. Taxi, Bus, LRT, all 3 present. Wangsa Maju LRT, integrated with the bus stop and also taxi. You got money, you’ll be chauffeured from Point A to Point B, no problem.

Best of all? You have like one row of shoplots in Section 2, which is like 100metres away from my house, and there are like *let’s see* 7~8 cyber cafe shops? But dominated by yours truly TBun, Orange. There is like 3 TBuns, 3 Orange, and also 2 random cc-s. Not including V2 as it’s up the slope on the other side of the road. So yeah. I frequent V2 because I once saw a hot chick as the receptionist/cashier so I’d been going there ever since =P *didn’t get her number and FB, though I believe if I had her number it’ll be rendered useless as most likely she’s attached*

If that’s not the reason for you to hang out around here, the mamak will be. BRJ. Top notch. Of course you might compare to SS2 Murni or Williams, itu epic different plateau. Pelita or Sri Leena, not to forget the one in Bangsar which is crap-I-forgot-the-name-now ermmmmmm, it’s pretty much that level. Can expect quality for the food, ok maybe not as high as you might think, but it’s ok. =D

I can confirm you that maggi goreng + ayam here is cheaper compared to that crappy one in Cyberjaya >_>

Occasionally, you can wash eyes while walking around. TARC students. Chicks in short pants. Let me rephrase, TIGHT short pants. Yeah that’s more like it. Decent looking ones also got, and the non mentioned too. *ahem* Though it seems that my friends don’t have much luck in scouting them, I do. =D So yea. Well theoretically I don’t understand why the hell am I still single then but… it’s okay.

When you’re single you tend to notice things a lot more and also take note of random shyt, like because you’re so damn free that you start to pay attention to every single girl you see on the street *coughahemcough* and also point of interest (Cybercafe, Clinic, Food, etc).

I was thinking of creating a virtual landscape and also start taking photos and make descriptions out of it. I had the same thought for my Taman but in the end I scraped it because no one will appreciate it. Not that anyone would be interested in housing estates anyway (I don’t know why the heck I thought of that). But hey, it’s Wangsa Maju. Can be a good point for nubs/newbies who just started working (me me!) to know why Wangsa Maju can be the next best place to stay.

You have 2 condos here, Alpha Condo, and also Metroview. Itu down the road one err there’s one but not counted as it’s far off like 300ms down the main road.

Technically infested by students and also working people. So it’s quite a happening area. I wouldn’t compare it to Sunway area though. First off, they have waaaaay hotter chicks that are high maintenance and the people there is just shitload crazy.

Ahhhh I feel much better now, was quite full when I walked around before I reached home. XD … and damnit it’s almost 7am. What am I doing .___. I should be sleeping zzZzzzZzzzzz.

Which brings us to the next point, insomnia. All thanks to my current job engagement. Stupid system can only be tested after office hours (can’t be blamed, really) but it would be appreciated if our client gave us allowance. We don’t even have meal allowance FFS. Thanks to this, we swapped our timezone. Yeah. So no jetlag if I go UK now. =\ However for job experience wise I guess it’ll help me quite a bit… and I frequent cybercafe a lot now and been improving in my DotA so no rants there. XD Besides spending extra money. =/

Ah yeah. There is a Jusco nearby too, within walking distance. But it’s like 10minutes walk away, and anytime between afternoon and evening I’ll stay at home. It’s too damn hot to walk outside. The last time I went there was because I had an appointment with my insurance agent. Surprise!

So assuming if you’re attached, and working, and staying in Wangsa Maju. It’s not too bad really. See weekends you’re gonna go out and date your partner, KLCC is just 15mins away with LRT. Save parking fee, and it’s damn convenient. Wanna go somewhere else? Monorail and LRT exchange at either Masjid Jamek, or KL Sentral. That pretty much cover most of the shopping complex in the heart of KL besides MidValley which you will need the ever-so-slow-and-packed KTM service. Then you won’t be around, so it won’t be boring for you and your partner. Or if you don’t go out, then stay at home and <insert here> till your heart’s content. Food is not a problem, cybercafe too. You know why? The guy can DotA, while the gf can watch  movie. YES. Awesome right? Win win situation. XD

Monday to Friday you’ll be working. So no worries till night when you sleep. Again if you stay in condo it won’t be an issue at all. If you stay in my current place it will be because I don’t know how your gf/bf is gonna be when they come over. Lol. Imagine the girl saying “OMG this place so smalllllll. My room better right?” GG. Probably that’s why I’m still single AHAHAHHAHAH *pardon the lame excuse*

The rental here is pretty ok I guess. Not that cheap, but cheaper than most places. Right beside there’s a highway, IINM it’s MRR2 connected, and also MEX highway. So definitely you can fly down to KL or where ever you need to go to. Genting is just nearby only. Lol.

I think I’m starting to feel tired and wanna sleep so I hope at the end of this post I’d be able to just fucking dose off to dreamland and recuperate.

To sum it all up, Wangsa Maju, quite a decent place to stay. Student area, but a lot of workers as well. Might be unsafe, so be alert most of the time. Main attraction here, BRJ, cybercafes, chicks, TARC (lolz).

Also if you so happen to drop by Wangsa Maju you can drop me a note and I’d be more than willing to go for a teh tarik session. Assuming if I’m not sleeping, or at cybercafe, then definitely no problem.

To date I can’t believe I promoted this place in my blogpost wahhahahaha.

p/s — I should sleep. Goodnight 7:09am



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