Weird Day, Coincidence Much?


#nowplaying — SHINee – Lucifer.

Just nice. Lol. Happy Chap Goh Mei!


Caleb messaged me when I was getting my haircut, am I wearing headphones. Feeling weird (I only realised that sms after an hour), he replied saying he thought he saw my Doppelgänger, a thinner version in fact.

Then, I bathe, and rushed to Bandar Tasek Selatan to get to gooni3.

Out of nowhere when I was exchanging LRT to Sri Petaling line, I forgot and went on the Ampang coach instead. So I was reading my book halfway till Caleb call me and said “Look right”. SHIT.

It was him. LOL. Damn coincidence man, he was with his gf. He explained that the doppel earlier looked like me, using Phillips headphones (I have a pair), and have a similar watch as mine. So I was like o-O lol. Chatted a bit then when the coach stopped at Chan Sow Lin, it came to my senses I was heading to the wrong side, at least almost. So I said farewell and jumped off the train right away.

Then off to BTS, and the rest is history.

There are a few pointers that make this encounter very interesting. Here’s why:

  1. I was at the verge of giving up to go to Taman Bahagia. Tired like mad.
  2. Just got my haircut, then lazy lah.
  3. When I decided to go, gooni3 ask me go BTS instead.
  4. When I exchange, I went up the wrong train.
  5. When I was reading ‘Outliers’ halfway, Caleb called my phone.

If either one of the 5 conditions are not fulfilled, being on the same coach with Caleb and gf will be impossible.

Life is all about taking chances and having chances, this is definitely a good example of the latter!

I guess somehow it shows that what I had put forth stands, and I need to work my way through it.

I hereby vouch for myself that I will be as awesome as I used to be in University days, minus the Foundation days emo-ness, and probably the current skillsets that I have, with courting skills aside *they suck, BADLY*.



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