Ommmm *meditates*


Which reminds me, it’s been a god damn long while since I last meditated. Work’s good. Life’s good so far.
Though I’d been emo-ing last night. I guess it’s the hormones. Lethargic, CNY, and also not enough rest (been running around a lot lately). But anyway guess it’s just periodical storm. Lol. Here’s a gif I made. My first gif! XD

Heh =P Yoona and Taengoo.

I want a girlfriend, I need a girlfriend, I can’t have a girlfriend, and I won’t have a girlfriend.

Sat in an Audi TT recently, dayumnnn man that babe is hawt. Sexy roar.

Went for first karaoke, was ok. =D

How can I keep my cool during my Year 1/2 days… really man. I still chuckle when I look back.

Guess the older you grow the easier you hit a brickwall eh.

Happy Chinese New Year again before it ends.

Yours truly, eXPeri3nc3.


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