A Visit to Tai Tee Glass Factory in Kampar


First of all, Merry Xmas to all! This is how I spent the weekend before heading back to KL after Xmas.

Thanks to my dad, I managed to get a chance to have a peek into one of SSG (Singapore Safety Glass – the company my dad is working for) biggest clients in Malaysia, located near to Mambang Diawan in Kampar. It’s just a few hundred meters further than the General Hospital.

Without further ado: (don’t expect much though)

I didn’t take the main entrance photo though, lol. Here is the stack of ready assembled glasspane with frame.

Glass Stack

Side view of the frame

Glass frame

All the raw materials lying around lol

Raw Materials

Glass pane

Glass Pane

Well assembled small sized window pane

Window Pane Finished

Well assembled Window Pane

Window to heaven… lol

Window to Heaven

Frames came with the fitted rubbers

Frame with rubber

Frame with fitted rubbers

Frame with fitted rubber

Attempted bokeh shot hehe.

I forgot the name of this surface for the glass type -___-

Glass type

Yeap, more glass =D

More glass

Glass panes

Glass panes


The workers assembling the frames with the window / glass pane

Worker assembling glass pane

Workers assembling glass pane to frame

So first step is to be able to carry the heavy glass pane without breaking it

Worker carrying glass pane

Then, you have to fit the glass into the frame (duh)

Worker fitting the glass pane into frame

Then assemble the other side of the frame and screw it

Screwing the frame

They actually fitted some plastic runners before fitting in the glass pane. I didn’t capture it into photograph though.

Then, hammer the sides to make it even.

Hammering the edges of the frame

Then, tape the corners (cos they are sharp)

Taping the corners of the frame

Then the assembling process is done!

Here is the zoom up on the tools used, as you can see they actually dip the tip of the screw into the oil, and also they used the plastic fittings as mentioned earlier.

Zoomup on tools

Plier, screws, oil, plastic fitting

Also, glue gun is used




… to stick the wood with the mirror

Bokeh shot =D

Here are the rest of the pics. This photo shows the compartment used to store those goods that the buyer have no money to pay for so they hold the stocks here. Pity.


Store room for the goods when buyer cannot pay

Candid shots of the power lady behind the factory


The ladyboss

Starting to love hipfire shots

Candid shot of the ladyboss

Let’s enter the worker’s “dorm” — made of Container (apparently they don’t want to stay in a proper house as it’s far from the factory. Woot.

Worker's room

Worker's sleeping place

Worker's sleeping place

Even got karaoke set =D For their leisure time if not sure bored to death

Karaoke set

Dormroom in Container

Off to the kitchen



Kitchen beside the container

Cleaver in the fridge

Oh lookie, a cleaver in the fridge lol

… and a collection of fridges

Collection of fridge


Public bath for the workers


Public bath for workers

Public bath for workers

Drinking water (the owner refills it every week with cleaned water, so nice)

Water Tank for drinking water


Ready-made glassframes stacked inside the lorry

Ready-made glassframes stacked inside the lorry

Quickshots inside the factory (damn hot inside @_@)

Inside of the factory


Messy front office =p

Messy front office =p


Each bag is worth RM75

Each bag is worth RM75 =O No wonder got workers steal it lol

A few quick office shots when she allowed us to enter


Inside the office

Inside the office

UTAR Kampar

I was shocked to know that they provide the glass panes for UTAR Kampar (click to zoom)

Auditor's nightmare

Auditor's nightmare

Projects they worked on (non exhaustive list)


Premiere Hotel, Bukit Tinggi

Premiere Hotel, Bukit Tinggi

SK Brickfields

SK Brickfields, sorry blur pic lol

That is pretty much all. =D Hope you enjoyed the tour.



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