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A Visit to Tai Tee Glass Factory in Kampar

December 27, 2010

First of all, Merry Xmas to all! This is how I spent the weekend before heading back to KL after Xmas.

Thanks to my dad, I managed to get a chance to have a peek into one of SSG (Singapore Safety Glass – the company my dad is working for) biggest clients in Malaysia, located near to Mambang Diawan in Kampar. It’s just a few hundred meters further than the General Hospital.

Without further ado: (don’t expect much though)



Life’s awesome

December 6, 2010



Stack of Starcards

I orgasm when I saw this in Verx’s house. 62″ Baby. =DD

62" TV

More pictures here: Click Here

Gatherings attended so far: LYN SC, Office Workers League, /k/

Life IS awesome.

— eXPeri3nc3.