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HITB 2010 Malaysia

October 15, 2010

Was presented with the opportunity to go to HITB Sec Conference this time around. =D Paid by the firm heh.

Anyhow it was a good experience, and prior to Open Source Conference back then in 08/09 I had a rough idea on how is it gonna be. Previous experience helped a lot.

Interesting feats include the CTF which have VN, KR, JP teams competing as well as Malaysian teams (from APIIT). Met Hehehunter, KLKS, and Joshuatly there too.

Bought  a lockpick set that cost about RM110. T____T But I hope it’ll be useful for me. Can practice if I’m back in my hometown with my own locks. It’s quite interesting and fun when you can do it lol.

I really wanna go for DEFCON in US man. Haha. Met quite a few pentesters there too.

Alright this shall conclude my post for the time being if I remember anything else worthy of mentioning I’ll edit this.

Pics should come soon after I get it from Darren.