Oh hi thar


Yeah I know I know.  It’s been a good while.

I would rather prefer to blog in a new blog regarding my work as due to previous infavorable experience(s) I’d learned my great deal of lesson (defamation), yeah don’t want to get screwed over with. Especially where I am now.

Though I do keep a diary for now, it’s still better, or at least seemed better to blog about it as people will read it and I don’t feel so bored afterall. Blargh. Lol.

Either way I’m posting on Backtrack 4 R1 using dept’s unmonitored Wifi connection. Still waiting to be assigned. Been playing with the tools, oh how I miss airodump and aireplay and the like. Haha. I can’t or rather haven’t been able to crack a single WEP protected network due to the following:

  1. Not enough live traffic for the IVs
  2. This Wifi card can inject, but have to use the modified drivers which came with BT4 R1 preloaded BUT it still doesn’t work
  3. I suck. (nah just kidding, you won’t even know how to the first time heh)

Been trying out Metasploiting, but failed as the hardware setups are pretty nicely done, patches, and probably hardening. Hell, there’s even an IDS sitting inside Windows XP (McAfee’s), and there’s also Snort in BT4. Quite sleek eh? I tried to init it but failed as due to certain mysql thingy which I am lazy to figure it out since after a restart ALL of the settings will be lost (booting it from a pendrive as if it’s a live CD now).

But either way never knew ZeuS was propagated by social engineering instead of the malware itself. 1 misconception. Then, there’s this ZSB (ZeuS Builder Kit) that was sold to create botnets. Hmmm. If only I know how…

So, fail penetration *I know what you’re thinking ladies*, fail WEP cracking, fail machine pwning, not assigned for now = bored me.

… and hence, this blog post. =D

Sometimes I really wonder how the elites or top-notch hackers acquire the skills… like, they’re seriously well versed with ALL of the friggin architectures and stuff (which hereby include programming language, platform, models, etc). I read the intro for CISSP and CEH, and I’m like “Oh gosh I have to churn”, though most of the things I did come across before. I’d been thinking on how the hell those tools are made possible, and on the other hand successfully being used. I am too skeptical as I don’t know how it is propagated and utilised fully. Heh.

Now now I’m a Windows guy. Not junkie. I know jack about *nix systems, but I must learn. But seriously, it does look cool when you know what the fuck you’re doing by just typing commands and the results just show out. Machine Pwned. That kind of thing. Lol.

Definitely, no CSI bullshit where one forensics laptop kit can deduce the whole scene. Rawr.

Though I’d seen the real equipment and it came to amuse me. Have yet to gain access to the lab, but entered once. Niceeeeee.

Definitely gonna make one of those in my house next time muahahahhaah.

Hell, I’d been deprived of games. Doesn’t matter now, I realised I’m deprived of something even more: LIFE (socialising with girls and getting laid). Lol. I am being sort of sarcastic, but believe me and ask yourself (regardless if you’re a guy or not), you want to meet the opposite sex, and more often than not have them as a company.

Geez, it still never cease to amuse me that I’m so shitstucked with games back then. I should flirt with girls more. Blah blame the wrong company of people I had with. Too bad I personally don’t know any good players to begin with or else I’ll be flying in the stars using them as the stones I have to step. Take it in a good way or with a pinch of salt ladies. =d I can bet my paycheck (yet to get it DUH) on the line that being hit by a so-called ‘lame attempt’ is a turn off for ladies. Well, provided that you’re not attracted to that handsome guy who did it in the first place. Else, even the silliest jokes made will crack her up to heaven, and she’ll gladly spead it wide for him, for all the good reasons God made man and woman. Lol.


3:46 pm. Oh yeah I need a smartphone. D= Need to save money. Moolah baby.

Damn blogging had never been such fun. Being the youngest in the department for me it’s a bit of a waste sometimes… you can’t hit on your colleagues as easy (not a flamebait).

But still, can’t wait for my assignment tomorrow, albeit the thing that I might be doing is familiar or expected so won’t have the “OMG I learned something new and it’s awsm” feeling.

I shall end now before you take your shoes and throw at your beloved screen. (because I’d been… blowing? Lol)

This is to end this post properly:

XKCD Comic

Copyright XKCD.com



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