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The next thing

June 9, 2010

… that I realised is without noticing earlier, I am updating my blog whilst my trip in Vietnam.


I know, it’s a bit… odd. But yeah.

It was good, for these 2 days. Still got 17 days more to go. =D

Well I’m here to document 2 things that struck my mind only.

One was the girl I saw on the way back from Chu Chi Tunnel visit. She isn’t a really striking one, but she resembles a girl that I’d seen before previously, Malaysian, but I forgot who. Ok, I think it’s smacky’s friend. Ah, Amelia. Lol.

Anyway, coming from the outskirts of town, she’s the only one and ONLY ONE that doesn’t act like one. The others, aiyohhhh. Aigoooo man. Tak boleh pakai man.

She have this cute smile. Somehow. I dunno la, but I’m attracted to her. She’s quite shy, and she actually said “Thank you” when Harvey gave way for her to leave her seat, in a very low tone. I caught the words though.

Anyway, burnt in image.

On a side note, I never realised that a girl with NICE LEGS can look that graceful on a motorcycle. There was this one couple that was sitting on a bike, and the girl was seating sideways, folded legs showing off her white smooth <insert here> legs. I was like, woahhhh nice. Friend was like, woahhh lol.

Eye opener lol.

Second thing was… massage centre. XD I know I know…

It felt like I was in a porn film. The bathroom setting la.

But it was enjoyable… too bad I don’t know how to converse in Vietnamese… if not the session will be way more enjoyable. I like the way she bite me though. I would’ve expected a longer massage but it appears to be the opposite.

I don’t know, really your body can tell if you’re having a hiatus of physical contact with the opposite sex. I am not joking.

No 18.

It was fun. I never knew I can last that long. Bet the time will drop if it was done properly.

I’ll probably do more research and read up on it as it is not a simple subject matter.

I bought a Crumpler bag for RM60, hope it lasts.

Anyway I have to sleep. Long day yesterday and ahead.

Goodnight world.