I think she’s my inspiration =)


SoNyuhShiDae Tiffany (Stephanie Hwang). Alright, I don’t know what’s up with these two names, Stephanie and Tiffany, both ends with the ‘nie’ sound, but somehow rather ‘most’ of the girls that chose the name are downright gorgeous. ‘Most’. Somehow rather I’m more attracted to the name =X *facepalm*

Ok, that’s just a random thought.

Anyway, I was trying to do my FYP, and seeking inspiration and method on how to solve the problem.. then I went to LYN Soshi thread and someone posted (littleman in Korea)  `FANY IS ON SBOX!` with a screencap. I was like, OMG FINALLY!

Then I joined the fun and went there, and saw her account posting. I expected a quote to be up soon, and much to my expectation it really did. You’ll be able to see the quote later. Anyway, moments later after she posted she gotta run the sbox crashed, and SSF went down for 10minutes. That drove hundreds if not thousands of Sones that were active then crazy, including LYN Sones. Lol.

I was like, holy shi- is that <insert here> downloading??? Jaring proxy accessing LYN turned slower than a crawling snail (I’ll tell more bout the snail part later). Then when I can access the forums everyone is raging lol.

So, as what most people will do, I did a screenshot, I wanted the full comment list since year 2008 but it seems that the AJAX failed to pull out the comments… I don’t know why. Lousy la. >_>

Click to enlarge

… and yes, those who were there posted when will Soshi come to Malaysia lol. Boom, ShinAsakura, Chyan (I dunno bout him), and I were there lol. Then some from MySone and others too.

Now the snail part. I went out of the house to get some fresh air, but the air ain’t that cooling tonight, so I bare with it. I was cooking my eggs, hoping to make them halfboiled but it turned out cooked so yea I’m fine with it actually. Waiting for the time to past (boiling the eggs), I saw a snail outside. Big one. Normal occasion as I’d seen them around. Also the grass were poisoned so they should appear, no more place to feed or live on I guess.

Then this thought came to my mind, although it’s moving damn slow, it’s still progressing forward. Little did I know that in a blink of an eye, it actually moved quite a distance while I’m staring at it. I keep observing until it moved from the tile cement to the died grass area and went in.

Well, I guess what I gotten from that was making little progress is always better than none.

Or you can interpret it as keep moving, staying stagnant ain’t getting you nowhere.

Why does that sound so familiar after all…

Anyway I gotta hit the sack, repay my sleeping debt, and hopefully get some REM sleep and rejuvenate.

Goodnight world.

So long as I am true to the best that is in me (Christian D. Larson)



One Response to “I think she’s my inspiration =)”

  1. steph Says:

    awww… love the snail motivation…lol

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