Another update


As stated, before I jump to bed.

67/100 for SocialStatus (my ELC project — Facebook / Twitter replica). Could’ve done better if I’d done the manual mysql connection ages ago, but nooo I’d decided to be adventurous and tried the new Java Persistence API and Hibernate… I did learned a lot though. Ajax, jQuery, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, etc.

I just came back from uni like 30mins ago refilling my 5L bottles, 4 of them, including my friends so in total of 7. He had a group meeting at 2am, yes, 2am, and I finished refilling for him as well, so I waited for him since he was the one driving. Out of boredom, I checked my handphone for stuff that I can read, see, or delete. Deleted some messages, and browsed through my notes and photos. Looking at the pictures stored really brings back a lot of memories… and I never knew that I look good with formal NS uniform lol.

But that’s besides the point… I read back my recent messages, 1 year ago. I only keep messages from *erm* girls, and important people. Speaking of which I didn’t sync my phone, or rather didn’t bother anymore as that time I reformatted my pc and my archive of msgs gone. So as I was reading it like early in the morning 2am++ I realised how much things had changed. Also, not to forget the ‘advices’ given by friends and all… it’s simply amazing. Though some are crude and straight to the point, it makes sense when you read it back.

Though my heart still tingles when I read it…

I wanna say this but I know I can’t, and I should not.

So from what that seemed like an eternity I came back and finished my [SoShi Subs] KBS2 Sweet Night EP 04 – SNSD [01.31.10]. It’s awesome. Full of laughter, but too bad Sweet Night got discontinued IINM. Blowed my blues away.

Either way, here’s what I’d learned.

1. The world belongs to those who hustled. (Thank you for opening my eyes)

2. Ask it, seek it, believe it.


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