Headache now. Lack of sleep. Dexterity dropped. This is the effect of 2 more incoming courseworks due mid of the month, and 1 FYP yet to be finished.

I know, a gentleman, or a true man, should take it like a man. Brace yourself and dive. But do allow me to rant as I’m still at midst of becoming one, or trying my best to be. Tingling sense of regret is remorseful at times, but whatever’s done’s done.

Worst still, the bloody examples from JavaEE tutorials, and the textbooks that are so called “deployable” ended up throwing errors when I attempt to deploy them. Heck, even the first tutorial, the FIRST ever JSP Servlet tutorial I tried took me 6 hours to configure the server, and in the end I resetted Glashfish, by accident (this is God’s will lol).

Now, should I take the minimalist approach, or the copy-pasta approach?

Either way, this WILL be very taxing.

At the edge of a cliff now. Brace yourself.



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