We Got Married


Well, if WGM happens in a real life situation, that’ll end up in two ways. 1. A very successful one 2. A total epic phail

Of course, living in the world as we are, either one is fairly possible.

However, after watching [SoShi Subs] MBC We Got Married S2 EP 30 – Seohyun & Yonghwa Cut [03.20.10], it’s just too good to be true. So innocent Seobaby. So surreal.

Now Playing — 아웃사이더 (Outsider) – 주변인

He’s awesome in rapping Korean lol.

Well if you still haven’t noticed, I’d been living in the Kpop world recently. 😄 Well at least it’s somewhat better than just pure gaming talk cock sing song I assume. Don’t you agree? At least you get a good laugh an a chill pill when you’re down or flat. I rather laugh my ass off alone in the room hugging my pillow watching epic series like Family Outing 1 or We Got Married, not to forget Invincible Youth.

However, with that all aside, there is still a need for hustling. Still, it’s a good thing to indulge in, IMO. Rather than thinking of what I’d done wrong, or what I’d not done and emo over it, I prefer my current activities. Lol. Oh, at least there are no pretentious bastards than comes up to you and stick a pole up your ass for that matter.

But dang, all in all, I’m still tired. Lol.



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