Early in the morning


Well, I’d never expect myself to blog early in the morning, like 6:42 AM lol.

Just came back from Annual Dinner around 4, slept for 2 hours then I popped up. I think it’s because of the heat la. Bloody hot. So took a bath.

It was ok. The food, really design wise impressed me. Taste ok la. A bit plain for the chop. The dessert is good.

Formal wear was fine, blazer went well with my black shirt and black slacks. Tie was superb. Hair wasn’t top notch.

Performing to people went ok, though during the couple trick gift to Kien he knew what was going on, then I emo-ed pretty much the whole night already. Lol.

Zouk sucks. I ain’t going back there again. Nuff said. Give me Euphoria or Coco Banana also ok. Though you can really lose calories while dancing.

I had a Sones Gathering before Annual Dinner, LYN Sones. It was good. Went to Ampang Korean Village and ate Korean Food (DUH). Got to meet Ben, verx, pcm123, littleman, minghao, minghao’s sifu, j3ffm0n, vcys. Here’s a photo:

Click to enlarge

Now Playing — SuJu – Sorry Sorry

Today is Suju’s concert too. While I was on the LRT to Ampang I saw two Thai girls with a printed Suju concert heading to Bukit Jalil ON AMPANG LANE. It’s like the wrong one should’ve taken Sri Petaling. I came to notice that they’re at the wrong lane as I looked into the list of stations written on the piece of paper and looked at the sign. Talked to them and roughly guide them, albeit the fact that they don’t seem to understand English well, but oh well.

Not bad, Thai fans for Suju. Hmm. Lol.

Learned two things — Life is all about timing, and being single to prom, and passive friends sucks. Big time.


p/s — and as usual, I never gotten to take pictures with her. Oh well.

pps — Only TaeYang (Big Bang) can pull off a real mohawk with earring(s). Awesome dude.


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