How Much I Love You~


Now Playing — Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love    3:29    方大同    《Timeless可啦思刻》            30    2009    192 kbps    10/18/09 7:41 PM

With BOSE sound system, on a Mac Machine, in my friend’s house. Ahhhh. Surreal.

Which comes to the point, since the first day of Foundation till now, nothing is ever the same again. Lol.

The luxury I have, some sort, all thanks to my friend.

Well, I actually wore my new G2000 shirt now. IT does feel good after all, and the price is quite shocking to me as I normally won’t buy expensive clothes.

Also what my friend does, it makes my FYP and everything else that I worry about look small. Very small.

Probably should take this time to reflect and ponder the capabilities of a determined guy, regardless of his knowledge.


p/s — Well, I’ll get to enjoy a real TypeR if he change his engine next time, hopefully after graduation I’ll still be able to see him lol.


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