Hua Mulan


I like this scene in particular, the phrases.

According to, Meh it’s only 6.2 over there.

And the user review made me lol. Indeed, it’s not the best movie around compared to Red Cliff, but hell, you wanna compare it to a Disney made animation Mulan? Cmon man.

Utter bullshit.

Or perhaps if you’re not Canadian and you understand mandarin and the meaning behind every verse instead of translation… go figure. I can do this all day considering the fact that Singaporeans (kiasu lalalalalala) and several others though they have a point but they don’t see the picture. All we know is to diss and  not appreciate. If you’re so great in trying to make a folklore into a movie go ahead and prove your point.

Alright, waking up at 8… going KL to see my friend’s car modification – installing bodykit on a Honda Civic.



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