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We Got Married

March 23, 2010

Well, if WGM happens in a real life situation, that’ll end up in two ways. 1. A very successful one 2. A total epic phail

Of course, living in the world as we are, either one is fairly possible.

However, after watching [SoShi Subs] MBC We Got Married S2 EP 30 – Seohyun & Yonghwa Cut [03.20.10], it’s just too good to be true. So innocent Seobaby. So surreal.

Now Playing — 아웃사이더 (Outsider) – 주변인

He’s awesome in rapping Korean lol.

Well if you still haven’t noticed, I’d been living in the Kpop world recently. XD Well at least it’s somewhat better than just pure gaming talk cock sing song I assume. Don’t you agree? At least you get a good laugh an a chill pill when you’re down or flat. I rather laugh my ass off alone in the room hugging my pillow watching epic series like Family Outing 1 or We Got Married, not to forget Invincible Youth.

However, with that all aside, there is still a need for hustling. Still, it’s a good thing to indulge in, IMO. Rather than thinking of what I’d done wrong, or what I’d not done and emo over it, I prefer my current activities. Lol. Oh, at least there are no pretentious bastards than comes up to you and stick a pole up your ass for that matter.

But dang, all in all, I’m still tired. Lol.



Early in the morning

March 21, 2010

Well, I’d never expect myself to blog early in the morning, like 6:42 AM lol.

Just came back from Annual Dinner around 4, slept for 2 hours then I popped up. I think it’s because of the heat la. Bloody hot. So took a bath.

It was ok. The food, really design wise impressed me. Taste ok la. A bit plain for the chop. The dessert is good.

Formal wear was fine, blazer went well with my black shirt and black slacks. Tie was superb. Hair wasn’t top notch.

Performing to people went ok, though during the couple trick gift to Kien he knew what was going on, then I emo-ed pretty much the whole night already. Lol.

Zouk sucks. I ain’t going back there again. Nuff said. Give me Euphoria or Coco Banana also ok. Though you can really lose calories while dancing.

I had a Sones Gathering before Annual Dinner, LYN Sones. It was good. Went to Ampang Korean Village and ate Korean Food (DUH). Got to meet Ben, verx, pcm123, littleman, minghao, minghao’s sifu, j3ffm0n, vcys. Here’s a photo:

Click to enlarge

Now Playing — SuJu – Sorry Sorry

Today is Suju’s concert too. While I was on the LRT to Ampang I saw two Thai girls with a printed Suju concert heading to Bukit Jalil ON AMPANG LANE. It’s like the wrong one should’ve taken Sri Petaling. I came to notice that they’re at the wrong lane as I looked into the list of stations written on the piece of paper and looked at the sign. Talked to them and roughly guide them, albeit the fact that they don’t seem to understand English well, but oh well.

Not bad, Thai fans for Suju. Hmm. Lol.

Learned two things — Life is all about timing, and being single to prom, and passive friends sucks. Big time.


p/s — and as usual, I never gotten to take pictures with her. Oh well.

pps — Only TaeYang (Big Bang) can pull off a real mohawk with earring(s). Awesome dude.

How Much I Love You~

March 18, 2010

Now Playing — Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love    3:29    方大同    《Timeless可啦思刻》            30    2009    192 kbps    10/18/09 7:41 PM

With BOSE sound system, on a Mac Machine, in my friend’s house. Ahhhh. Surreal.

Which comes to the point, since the first day of Foundation till now, nothing is ever the same again. Lol.

The luxury I have, some sort, all thanks to my friend.

Well, I actually wore my new G2000 shirt now. IT does feel good after all, and the price is quite shocking to me as I normally won’t buy expensive clothes.

Also what my friend does, it makes my FYP and everything else that I worry about look small. Very small.

Probably should take this time to reflect and ponder the capabilities of a determined guy, regardless of his knowledge.


p/s — Well, I’ll get to enjoy a real TypeR if he change his engine next time, hopefully after graduation I’ll still be able to see him lol.

Hua Mulan

March 6, 2010

I like this scene in particular, the phrases.

According to, Meh it’s only 6.2 over there.

And the user review made me lol. Indeed, it’s not the best movie around compared to Red Cliff, but hell, you wanna compare it to a Disney made animation Mulan? Cmon man.

Utter bullshit.

Or perhaps if you’re not Canadian and you understand mandarin and the meaning behind every verse instead of translation… go figure. I can do this all day considering the fact that Singaporeans (kiasu lalalalalala) and several others though they have a point but they don’t see the picture. All we know is to diss and  not appreciate. If you’re so great in trying to make a folklore into a movie go ahead and prove your point.

Alright, waking up at 8… going KL to see my friend’s car modification – installing bodykit on a Honda Civic.


I can only imagine~

March 6, 2010

… when that day comes~

On a side note, looking at the coded libraries made me think twice on becoming a programmer in the near future. Probably I’ll just stick to being a PROgamer instead. XD

To put it in a more serious manner, it would be, “Gosh, programming is hard!” and also “Integrating is pain in the ass let alone modifying!”.

*heaves a sigh* Now let’s just see where can I find a single part of my body to be able to pull through this this time.