Ricoh MMC Host Controller 64bit for Windows 7 (Vostro 1500 Solution)


Hi all. This happened to me, I found the solution online, I tried, it works. So I’m posting this for the benefit of mankind. XD

When I reformatted my laptop earlier, and ran Windows Update, the updates managed to install perfectly. Everything. No errors. Then I went to my Device Manager and saw something that is unknown to the system and the required driver is not there. After googling around for the device’s ID and vendor ID I found out that it is Ricoh’s Host Controller not installed. Weird, I thought that my Windows 7 Update covers it (it supposedly should).

A few quick searches online with the correct keywords should tell that the one provided by Windows Update is 32bit, and I’m running a 64bit OS, so the driver refuses to install, but shown as “Complete” in WU.

The headache comes in, where to find the driver? I went to Dell’s official site, no such driver for 64bit. 32bit driver just refuses to install, prompting me an architecture error.

Here’s the solution:

Click here to download the drivers (Tested and working for Vostro 1500, though I haven’t really read any MMC yet)

It is meant for other models (M1710) but it seem to work fine for mine.


An excerpt if you can’t access (as you don’t have Google Bot’s HTTP Header in your browser, I accessed it from Google):



So there I was day dreaming, looking at the blue sky with the green trees swaying back and forth, wondering where the answer to this puzzle was.  Then it hit me!  Ouuch!  The Dell M1710 is a hybird E1705.  I went to M1710 download section on Dell’s website and you guessed it, the Ricoh drivers where there, and they worked nicely.  For those who need the same drivers here is the link:

There are some other goodies at this link that might work for your x64 bit hopped up machine like mine.

Thanks Callandor for you help!!


Note — Funny thing is, the threadstarter solved his own problem, and got his points refunded (That’s how ExpertExchange works).

*if you find this post helpful please comment and say thanks =)*


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10 Responses to “Ricoh MMC Host Controller 64bit for Windows 7 (Vostro 1500 Solution)”

  1. Diana Rupert Says:

    Nice this happened to my desktop. You saved me some headache! Thanks !

  2. Thommck Says:

    Brilliant! This solved my problem too 🙂

    I had a Sony Vaio VGN-TZ21WN laptop and Sony provide no drivers on their support site for Windows 7 let alone 64-bit. Between Windows Update & Intel Download Center I managed to get them all working except this memory card slot. Oddly enough, Windows pulled down a driver for the Memory stick but not the MMC/SD slot.
    Anyway, I downloaded the Ricoh R5C832 driver from Dell and it worked a treat.

    I was just about ready to give up on this and use an external card reader so thanks very much for posting the solution.

  3. pAmU Says:

    Thanks for saving my time.

    Installed on my Dell Vostro A860 running Windows 7 64 bit perfectly.

  4. Sevmax Says:

    Thank you very much :-*

  5. Phil Says:

    Thanks very much! After a bit of web searching to address the “base system device” that was not installed on my Dell Vostro 1500 running a newly installed Windows 7 x64, this solved the problem!

    Thanks again!

  6. xyphur Says:

    Thanks for the info! Went on the hunt for the device ID for a “Base System Device” and ended up coming across this page. Driver worked flawlessly. Machine is a Dell Inspiron 9400/E1705 for those doing similar searches. Thanks again 🙂

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  9. 1710 Says:

    This worked perfect for my m1710 on win7 64 bit thank you very much.

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    […]Ricoh MMC Host Controller 64bit for Windows 7 (Vostro 1500 Solution) « eXPeri3nc3′s Corner[…]…

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