Oh rubiks!


Well it’s not eureka, but I just realised that there are a few steps in which I am so confined in my twists that I never thought of it before. Probably that shows how my brain works. That’s why I like rubiks. =X lol.

Either way, I just found out that Vaseline is used for baby skin (well I know but never seen it applied live in front of me before) I went like o-O har??? (as I lubricated my rubiks with Vaseline LOL). So I feel kinda weird after asking that question. =X Paisehnye.

Today is the only day I went out and visit my relative. Well I think it’s a good thing I did as I got to see a cousin sister that I’d never seen before. Talk about the other part of the continent. Anyhow the difference is vast. Very. Until I am scared of it (partly I’m shy I guess). But yea I was comparing, and the results aren’t as motivating.

Till just now, a friend, she said this after I told her ‘something’ *hint post title*

wow damned cool leh
didnt know u so pro ><
wah its like u pro in so many things
*thumbs up emoticon*

I lol-ed, but it struck my head.

Man what’s with the stupid unstable DSL lately. Gotta complain to TM again.


-edit 2:47 AM 2/17/2010 – Yesterday was the first time a baby pee on me while sitting on my lap. Lol.


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