Hah. That’s tough.


Well it’s a day before Chinese New Year tomorrow… so I hereby wish all of my readers Happy Chinese New Year if you’re Chinese. Else, go _ yourself. =D I mean enjoy la. Haha.

Good news, I got over the lost of my anchor point (boy ain’t I making progress here?). Sad news, nose sensitive to dust and my own aircond… every night I’ll sneeze. -.- To add salt to injury, my eyes keep flowing with tears don’t know why, I guess they’re too tired or there exist an allergen in my house that I am not exposed to frequently.

Anyhow, I guess getting enough sleep should stop it.

Looking at the codes is a really daunting task… I’m supposed to decipher, modify, and add. Gonna be hell lot of work. I gotta explain to MC Ville and probably ask him if it’s plausible and possible. Lol.

Now Playing — 4Minute – Hot Issue

I’m getting bored looping my Kpop songs ady @@ Anyone with something new? XD

I might go to my Canon in D or classical music folder. (Yes)

I’ll end it with “Come code chop chop on table” *Transformers Revenge of the Fallen the Surgeon*



One Response to “Hah. That’s tough.”

  1. curryegg Says:

    Thank you for your wishes.. wish you have a great day too =)

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