Now Playing — SNSD – Oh!

This song don’t have the placebo effect… it can’t lift up my mood as much as Gee. Lol. Why is my winamp playing sad songs -.-

Either way as you’ve guessed it I did quite bad for my exams… just that it’s not to the point of failing. Oh ya my supervisor called me to tell me my marks when I cannot make it. Awesome eh? Must live up to his expectations.

Here’s the bullshit eq I came to a conclusion with for my 2nd sem.

(67 + x)/2 * 60% + (65 * 40%) = 70

Hence, x = 79. Though it’s skewed… hopefully.

Brain crashing. Really. Air cond relieves it (I’m back home), but the news aren’t. I just lost my last anchor point that I’m close to.

Never mind, hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to increase my threshold and get my neurotransmitters back in order.

Now I know why documentaries are poisonous to some… like Raymond.



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