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Devotion To Duty

February 23, 2010


Devotion to Duty

I lol’d hard on this one. The description of this strip:

The weird sense of duty really good sysadmins have can border on the sociopathic, but it’s nice to know that it stands between the forces of darkness and your cat blog’s servers.

I should have that attitude. =]

Almost there.



Lalala *swings head*

February 22, 2010

Previous Playing — 2NE1 – Fire

I can’t believe I listen to Fire. Lol.

Now Playing — G-Dragon – Breathe

Just took my nap. Need some beat to pump me up. After this, adrenaline rush!

Let’s do this!

*Oh CNY is boring, but ok la. Lol.


Ricoh MMC Host Controller 64bit for Windows 7 (Vostro 1500 Solution)

February 18, 2010

Hi all. This happened to me, I found the solution online, I tried, it works. So I’m posting this for the benefit of mankind. XD

When I reformatted my laptop earlier, and ran Windows Update, the updates managed to install perfectly. Everything. No errors. Then I went to my Device Manager and saw something that is unknown to the system and the required driver is not there. After googling around for the device’s ID and vendor ID I found out that it is Ricoh’s Host Controller not installed. Weird, I thought that my Windows 7 Update covers it (it supposedly should).

A few quick searches online with the correct keywords should tell that the one provided by Windows Update is 32bit, and I’m running a 64bit OS, so the driver refuses to install, but shown as “Complete” in WU.

The headache comes in, where to find the driver? I went to Dell’s official site, no such driver for 64bit. 32bit driver just refuses to install, prompting me an architecture error.

Here’s the solution:

Click here to download the drivers (Tested and working for Vostro 1500, though I haven’t really read any MMC yet)

It is meant for other models (M1710) but it seem to work fine for mine.


An excerpt if you can’t access (as you don’t have Google Bot’s HTTP Header in your browser, I accessed it from Google):



So there I was day dreaming, looking at the blue sky with the green trees swaying back and forth, wondering where the answer to this puzzle was.  Then it hit me!  Ouuch!  The Dell M1710 is a hybird E1705.  I went to M1710 download section on Dell’s website and you guessed it, the Ricoh drivers where there, and they worked nicely.  For those who need the same drivers here is the link:

There are some other goodies at this link that might work for your x64 bit hopped up machine like mine.

Thanks Callandor for you help!!


Note — Funny thing is, the threadstarter solved his own problem, and got his points refunded (That’s how ExpertExchange works).

*if you find this post helpful please comment and say thanks =)*

Oh rubiks!

February 17, 2010

Well it’s not eureka, but I just realised that there are a few steps in which I am so confined in my twists that I never thought of it before. Probably that shows how my brain works. That’s why I like rubiks. =X lol.

Either way, I just found out that Vaseline is used for baby skin (well I know but never seen it applied live in front of me before) I went like o-O har??? (as I lubricated my rubiks with Vaseline LOL). So I feel kinda weird after asking that question. =X Paisehnye.

Today is the only day I went out and visit my relative. Well I think it’s a good thing I did as I got to see a cousin sister that I’d never seen before. Talk about the other part of the continent. Anyhow the difference is vast. Very. Until I am scared of it (partly I’m shy I guess). But yea I was comparing, and the results aren’t as motivating.

Till just now, a friend, she said this after I told her ‘something’ *hint post title*

wow damned cool leh
didnt know u so pro ><
wah its like u pro in so many things
*thumbs up emoticon*

I lol-ed, but it struck my head.

Man what’s with the stupid unstable DSL lately. Gotta complain to TM again.


-edit 2:47 AM 2/17/2010 – Yesterday was the first time a baby pee on me while sitting on my lap. Lol.

Windows 7 Pro MSDNAA Activated

February 16, 2010


Trust me. Click on the pic. *nods*

Happy Chinese New Year all!

February 14, 2010


Click to enlarge

Hah. That’s tough.

February 13, 2010

Well it’s a day before Chinese New Year tomorrow… so I hereby wish all of my readers Happy Chinese New Year if you’re Chinese. Else, go _ yourself. =D I mean enjoy la. Haha.

Good news, I got over the lost of my anchor point (boy ain’t I making progress here?). Sad news, nose sensitive to dust and my own aircond… every night I’ll sneeze. -.- To add salt to injury, my eyes keep flowing with tears don’t know why, I guess they’re too tired or there exist an allergen in my house that I am not exposed to frequently.

Anyhow, I guess getting enough sleep should stop it.

Looking at the codes is a really daunting task… I’m supposed to decipher, modify, and add. Gonna be hell lot of work. I gotta explain to MC Ville and probably ask him if it’s plausible and possible. Lol.

Now Playing — 4Minute – Hot Issue

I’m getting bored looping my Kpop songs ady @@ Anyone with something new? XD

I might go to my Canon in D or classical music folder. (Yes)

I’ll end it with “Come code chop chop on table” *Transformers Revenge of the Fallen the Surgeon*



February 11, 2010

Now Playing — SNSD – Oh!

This song don’t have the placebo effect… it can’t lift up my mood as much as Gee. Lol. Why is my winamp playing sad songs -.-

Either way as you’ve guessed it I did quite bad for my exams… just that it’s not to the point of failing. Oh ya my supervisor called me to tell me my marks when I cannot make it. Awesome eh? Must live up to his expectations.

Here’s the bullshit eq I came to a conclusion with for my 2nd sem.

(67 + x)/2 * 60% + (65 * 40%) = 70

Hence, x = 79. Though it’s skewed… hopefully.

Brain crashing. Really. Air cond relieves it (I’m back home), but the news aren’t. I just lost my last anchor point that I’m close to.

Never mind, hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to increase my threshold and get my neurotransmitters back in order.

Now I know why documentaries are poisonous to some… like Raymond.



February 6, 2010

End of 2nd week. By now I guess I really should know which subject I need to take.

That aside, I’m now in Semi Finals for COD4 Garena 1v1 One Man Army Tourney. Next match today (3am) vs Q-chan… housemate. -.- Mentor. Hard game and probability of losing quite high (he taught me COD4)

Anyway, I was in his room looking at the replay. I did way better for second round just now vs Nivsek as I was nervous for the first round. No cover, never wait for health to regenerate, etc.


Tired, goodnight.