Happy Thaipusam! (well it has passed as it’s 1am now but yea).

I’m gonna keep this real short. A day before Thaipusam, I went up to Batu Caves. 2 days ago before the plan, I can’t sleep. Having problems with my body… it’s like telling me something is wrong but I can’t seem to figure it out.

So yeah. I’m at the verge of giving up. Don’t want to go. I actually woke up before my alarm rang at 10. So I kinda slept again… then when it rang I quickly took my bath and gave it a shot. I’m going.

Then I called up my friends to see where they are and how are we catching up. I missed the first bus. Called someone, then alerted him.

Soon enough I realised that it was a false alarm, that bus is heading to campus not KTM. This is the one. Waited at the entrance, glanced at the glass of the bus… packed with people. We cannot make it.

Called my friends. Told them the situation, ordered them to go campus or something.

Then out of the blue a replacement bus came. I was like in awe, really. Then called them up and told them the situation. Of course the first to call was a friend who mistakenly boarded the bus to campus… so he ran back to TTS5 lol. In the end all manage to board the bus but somehow the bus need to turn back to campus as someone told the driver that there are tons of people waiting in campus.

Well ya la if he don’t go back we students report the driver he’s fucked… if he goes back then he rant waste time (which indeed waste time). I heard the driver talking over the phone about it and he said ‘cibai’ lol.

So all is ‘well’ in the morning… we ended up in MV. Ate my first Prosperity Burger in McD. I actually took a picture of it lol. I’m too lazy to retrieve it to my Desktop (due to limited space…) so yeah sorry about that it will be done soon.

Walked around… and I ended up buying 2 formal wear shirt with a casual shirt swiping my Visa Debit for RM360 in G2000. I kinda got con I believe, as only the second piece is 50% I thought if I buy two it applies to both. But oh well nice material so I don’t mind. My mum does though. Lol.

Either way, I don’t have to worry about the fading shirt I got for my birthday present (yes… lacking of shirt does make one having a repetitive attire forcing it to fade). It actually comes with the sleeve cuffs. I like it. That’s why I bought the RM160 one… instead of the cheaper one without it. I was inspired by a thread in AoM discussing about formal shirt and the discipline that can be trained from it.

Then from what that seemed an eternity (well we waited for a friend to come and pick us up after he settle with his family stuffs), we squeezed in the SLK (Well technically it’s a MyVi but oh well Small Little Kelisa XD) and greeted his mom in front.

Cut the story, zoom to Batu Caves. Rained. Ate there while waiting for the rain to subside…

Then went up the 272 stairs at Batu Caves, and of course taking pictures all around. Nice place, albeit a bit crowded. Imagine if I went on the day itself instead of the eve. Oh the crowd.

It was a sight to behold after you reach to the cave entrance. That’s where you’ll be able to see the people dressed in their robes and head shaved carrying offerings up the stairs to the monks up there. Nice experience for me. The more enlightening part is to see mediums around there during the Kavadi was being ‘danced’ into the area. I recorded the scene. Till my MMC out of memory. Lol.

Well it’s been a while since I last saw mediums… (National Service era) and deities coming into their bodies. I was like… wait something is not right, they seem to be in trance. Then saw their body rocking and immediately one can tell. (Of course you have to be into Buddhism-Hinduism trancing / soulsearch / whateverucallitlah to know about it). That’s when I learned that Gods actually have ego themselves (well Wikipedia backed it up, and I actually knew long time ago singe NS era lol).

Haha. But I manage to grab a chance to worship ‘Ayah’. Not sure it’s full name, but I know it’s the most powerful one there la… since all deities go to him at the end before leaving the medium’s body. It’s hard to put into words.

I do NOT know that I am supposed to wish for something when I worship him. I just keep my mind clear and I want to pray him only lol. So I get ‘marked’ on my forehead with consecrated ash and offered me flowers to bathe. After that I walked down the stairs barefooted. (Well I need to take off my shoe before praying so yeah and the cave is wet, so my feet is dirty after that). Walked all the way barefooted back to the car, which was quite a distance. I believe that my Vietnamese friend was like bedazzled or some sort because he’s Christian and never ever see this kind of event before, let alone mediums. Then a Muslim that was with us was discussing with another friend, lively discussion about religion and science… and someone took advantage to rant about someone that was not there (well I hate that person that my friend was ranting about anyway so it’s fine XD).

But seriously, how can you negate all religions by solely science? Well you can if you’re an atheist. But still science is not everything.

Now Playing — Hwanhee (환희) – H Soul – 06 Everyday

I can’t believe that I like Hwanhee’s songs… and he’s… sexy for a guy. Lol. Yeah thanks Rini. Oh ya masamixes too for mashing up his songs.

So yeh it was quite an enlightening experience… hope it cleared my mind and stay that way.

Though on the way back at night I faced a very terrible stomach ache, I actually endured it for 1 FRIGGIN hour from KTM to BUS (and the friggin bus delayed for like 15mins before departure)… imagine the pain. All I did was pray and clear my mind. Well clearly it worked but it was really… hard. Lol.

It’s like if I were to ask you to concentrate on a white piece of paper in your mind without thinking of a Red Teddy Bear. Somehow rather it will occur in your mind. Lol. It’s THAT hard. OR maybe I’m just not good at it yet.

Though the toilet never seemed to be a better place after I got home. Haha.

I was reading up about Hinduism and Buddhism today… well they have damn alot of superweapons for Hinduism. Really I kid you not. I was like wtf are you for real after I read it lol.

One thing that caught my attention was the description for Asuras in Hinduism and Buddhism, there’s a distinct differentiation in the interpretation. Asuras are potrayed as the juxapose of  Devas, hence demons (Hinduism), but in Buddhism it’s more general.

… and I once wished to become an Asura after rebirth. LOL.

Then the karma and dharma explanation was hard to be grasp (well if I manage to means I’m enlightened and understand Buddha’s teaching LOL).

OK la I shall crash now.

Praise lord Murugan.

Om mani padme hum



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