Kissing You Baby~


Now Playing — 소녀시대 – Kissing You – Groovy Candy Remix (By Philtre)

First time listening to this song (version) after I downloaded it. (Oops, piracy, I know). I’ll support Soshi when I start working (and hopefully by then they’re still Soshi’s till the end of time. =D

Anyway, I’d read this following interesting thread posted by one of the members: (Very awesome read in fact)

Excerpt: It’s about how he started K-pop, went from groups to groups, then SNSD. As time goes he fells in love with Tiffany, and the additional details.

Now, at first one might think that it is a fanatic with a delusional mind. I beg to differ. I hereby agree to what he’d mentioned, well not the the extend of being a idol and actually confess to Tiff, but yea. In short, you can have feelings for someone you do not know well. Turning it into reality, is hard. Getting feedbacks and nasty comments, is easy.

I end the weekend with cleaning my room and toilet. Also the downstairs kitchen and hall. I feel manly lol. Ok disregard that. Past week was hell. Somehow. I abused coffee (well not really, but consumed more than I would) to keep myself awake for studies. Then in the end, I did ok for some papers and badly for 2. (4 subjects this sem).

I don’t know but I doubt the results will come out well this time… sigh. Either way, I think I need to recalculate for a plan B in order to maintain my percentage.

Now Playing — Girls’ Generation – Gee (지)

Damn long never listen to this song already. 2 weeks plus I guess? That’s the thing with exams… it’ll change your life in some way or another. Such as my perception towards certain things. Though I didn’t listen to Gee and the related, I still love SNSD ❤ No worries haha. Just that I got hooked to Masamixes which produces awesome mashups of K-pop, which got me hooked up to several other songs too. All thanks to Chingz. Lol.

So my next target: Learn Korean language. XD

FYP, 2nd sem starting TOMORROW. Yeah, no break after exams.

Supposedly I should post my Xmas trip to Singapore pictures and Broga Hill hiking pictures (Yeah I went there yesterday morning, it was awesomely tiring too).

Guess the following last semester of my University life gonna start after 12am tonight. Lol. Either way, hopefully it’ll be a good one.

Cheers to life.



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