Well I’m the norm. For now.


Yeah I agree, I am the norm. When got stuck with some difficulty, I’ll come here and rant. To me, it’s like a reference from the past to the future if I do that. At least that’s what I always think when I look back at my blog posts. Lol.

Either way, that does not change the fact that DBC is hard and SRP is godlike. I also do not know how to study for both. God bless man this time.

Main struggles from SEC and OPS is now officially over. Really can’t wait till exams are over, but…

I just hope I manage to pull it off this time. Lol. By hook or by crook. Don’t be fooled by the length of the question, look at the weight of the marks given… gotta write like thesis man for DBC. Sigh gg.

If I manage to develop a method that works, hahahahaha (fill in the blanks).



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