Finally XD


Yea I finally got my hands on BEG — Abracadabra. Then saw the MV thanks to Anna, and yeah, partial nosebleed, wtf, omg, and O_O. Lol. Really can go blind (even for me). Now I understand.


Now Playing — BEG — Abracadabra. XD

I’d became a fan of Kpop… somehow. Lol. All thanks to DJ Masa and his mashes. =D His masamixes are awesome! Hot Kpop I and II, Kpop Girl Power, and ADIOS 2009 FTW man. Been looping it and turned into my latest wake up song. Confirm can wake up. Lol.

*seriously I need to start listening back to SNSD* lol

Anyway, with that aside, I really don’t know how to study for SRP. Like hell wei, the UK notes syllabus are like so different from ours, we never even use RTSJ, only mention about it in the lectures. That also that ****er copy paste never even edit.

Seriously pissed off. Guess skipping 90% of the class was the right choice. It’s not like OPS where there’s a lot to read, but if you understand then it’s ok. Reading something you couldn’t even have a grasp of is just plain waste of time, IMO.

Then somehow raged and deleted most of my songs in w850i and replaced with SNSD’s, DJ Masa’s, and some other Kpop songs. XD Current ringtone is…. erm which one oh BoA vs Mariah Carey (Touch my body battle mix). Then ringtone is the edited of SNSD’s Chocolate Love. =D

Either way I’ll try to keep SNSD as my top. LOL. *trying very hard here, Kara and T-ara seems nice too. oh shi-*

Not to mention BEG’s blinding MV… *nosebleed*

Then SNSD’s gonna have another full album release this coming February… *drool* Not gonna pre-order anyway no money XD

See? If what I’d mentioned is for exams confirm no worries already. Haha.


Hopefully I’ll manage to figure something out for this SRP. Headache really. Still got 2 more subjects to go after this. -___-

That’s what you’ll get for not taking GUI.

I got you babe, I call I call it chocolate love~

Chocolate Love



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