In doubt


According to,

1. To be undecided or skeptical about: began to doubt some accepted doctrines.

I am a bit skeptical about what I did for OPS… well I’d finished underlining and skipped the parts in which I deem unnecessary for exam, and yea memorised a bit. Just a bit. Roughly know what’s going on throughout the subject. Not clear details. (I’m awesome if I can remember perfectly just going through it once) Anyway, I’d done it. Gonna revise it sometime later. Off to other subjects… I’m left with 10 days to exams. Why am I not really nervous about it? =\

Lol. Anyway, I shall attempt a rundown of 90++ pages of notes tomorrow. Will I succeed like last time? (Back in SPM days, 729 pages in 3 hours record with perfect memory). Fingers crossed about that, assuming if I manage to put my concentration at the correct point I should do fine.

4 subjects. Good luck to me, and also the rest.

Time for Invincible Youth ep 09, then sleep. Wake up early. *trying to*



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