Anchor Point?


Height of world's tallest buidlings

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I’d been to Petronas Towers (by now you should’ve noticed the spelling error in the diagram, and DUH) of course, and also went to Shanghai and saw the Shanghai’s World Financial Centre. It resembles the shape of a bottle opener on the top… which was built for Feng Shui for the area and the building. That was what I was told when I went there. Though I did not get the opportunity to go up there, it was a magnificent sight. I wanted to go to Taiwan to look at the Taipei 101, but apparently now Burj Khalifa erects up in the Gulf emirate of Dubai. Sooo tall.

Now Playing — Busou Renkin – Hoshiakari

I miss this song. Well particularly it reminds me of… someone. Also the fact that I’d been looping SNSD songs for like 2 weeks? Lol. Ah. My winamp can tell my feelings. Really. No joke. That’s why it remains one of my fave players compared to shitty WMP10 (it’s fine actually I just hate it for some weird reason), iTunes, GOMPlayer, TTPlayer, Foobar, Amarok (sucks), etc.

Sometimes, the right songs just plays at the right moment. How nice is that?

Anyway, I was trying to make a point about anchor point. Yeah, ironic as it sounds, but I had a hard time trying to find it. It serves as a position marker, telling you where you were, where you are, and where will you want to be. If you watched Heroes Season 3, that term was used when Sylar lost his identity as he kept changing faces and features.

Then again Facebook does wonders and when I saw familiar names, it all became clear.

Also the walk down the street at 1am and playing with a cute puppy does help clearing my mind a bit. A bit. BTW the puppy is cute. Kept biting me though, I think its teeth are itchy.

It’s 3AM. I should hit the sack.

Carpe Diem.



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