Irony — I directly yawned and felt sleepy when I loaded my blog. -_-

Anyway, here’s a bit to digest:

I feel restless. End of story. =D Lol.

Let’s see. I went to Singapore during Xmas eve then stayed there for 3 days. Came back on the third day on a night train, reached Kajang at about… 6am? Lol. Overall, it was fun. Didn’t wear my Diadora running shoes and wore the brown color one instead. Mistake #1. Ended up with VERY VERY SORE legs… especially the base. Sigh. Had to buy comforters from the Guardian there… Never bought the expensive one as I deem it unnecessary. Also most likely won’t work to relieve the pain. Though I got hit on by an Indon chick that was working there (she was promoting the acne washing cream or some sort, the text on the bottle was written in Japanese)  so yeah.

Photos are still in my camera, untouched. No space on my laptop. Adapter died, so my dock couldn’t be used, 1 HDD storage went offline temporarily. Another ext HDD ran out of space as well… I should burn out my TV Series to relieve some space… maybe later.

Singapore Chicks? Oh cmon I know some of you might wanna know. This might sound as stereotypical as it can be, and one-sided (DUH), but let me say this out loud: This is solely my opinion, and to girls, seriously, tell me if you didn’t compare guys ever before. I rest my case.

So yeah, where was I… oh ya. This is the equation for the SG Chicks…

“From the back, perfect 10. From the front, sometimes you can really forget the 1 or 0”. Some will make you change 10 to a single digit varying from 3-7. Rarely you will find those that actually maintain that score, or from 8 onwards.

That’s for the grown ups. (20++) Now the ones that are < 20…

“I see potential”.


Also, I was quite sad… as I heard the kids speech when they were talking (either to parents, or amongst themselves) and they spoke perfect English. I ain’t shitting ya. Not the typical Singlish bullshit slang. Hell, even Manglish sounds far off less superior compared to Singlish. But yea that’s another case. I went to National Science Centre for an Exp (Body Works), it was awesome. Aside the fact, I saw a few kids there… giggling about the penises on showcase (well, yeah) and the language is just… superb. Intonation and speech… Wow.

Now if you reflect that thought to Malaysian kids… of course the slightly more educated ones, and the ones who are privileged to enter International Boarding Schools (Like those bloody Cempakans) and stuff, or well educated parents will have the chance to learn English from young, practice it, and master it at the age of like… 6 onwards which is the best period to pick up a language according to a research that I read somewhere. That explains why I learned Cantonese in 3 days. Yeah, I dumped English for Cantonese. I know I’m stupid.

Public transport is awesome there. Ezlink FTW. Saves your time and cash.

Now, the only thing left is cash, and Geylang. Lol. Seriously, the frog porridge there is awesome. Though a bit spicy, I liked it, very much. Then the *ahem* night activities is up to one to decide from that point on. Lalala. There are 46 Lorongs in Geylang… (I verified this by asking the taxi driver and I looked at the last lorong’s number too). So yeah.

Didn’t manage to go to sit the Singapore Flyer… as it was at night when we went there… and also it’s god damn bloody puking expensive.

So lesson learned from this trip: New rechargeable batteries with full charge FTW, Sport shoes is a MUST, slippers must bring, swimming pants (in case), external HDD (to transfer photos in case your memory card runs out of space, well, get a 2.5″ one), FOOD.

But the downside to all that: Prepare to carry more cash, and more heavy luggage. GG.

Next trip — Vietnam. =D No money though… it will come to me, no worries. XD

All I have to do is do well in my studies… extremely well. Everything will be fine. =D

I guess I can crash now. Gdnight world. My bed needs me.

p/s — Chims complaining saying she’s scared of SPM. Twitter ain’t so secretive anymore. I wonder how did it leaked out.



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