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January 31, 2010

Just realised I got tagged lol.

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
If kindergarten counts… lol. No prom during Form 5. Just party. That ain’t the shit.

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
First crush or first love (relationship)? Either way also answer will be no.

3. What was your FIRST job?
Cyber Cafe Cashier (actually caretaker as I need to do everything -.-)

4. What was your FIRST car?
Well old Honda City lol.

5. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
Let me check. If it’s today no. Yesterday… coursemate cos I saw his Honda Civic drove past me. But no reply. ==

6. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
I kinda forgot… as it’s more than 24 hours LOL. Definitely a girl.

7. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
Puan Kala. I wonder how is she now.

8. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
Hong Kong / China.

9. Who was your FIRST kiss?
My first ex? Lol. (Actually I think I kissed before back then… yeah seems like it. Yeah.)

10. Where was your FIRST sleepover?
A friend in Ipoh. Since small kid already.

11. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?
12. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time?
God knows which cousin’s.

13. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
Prayed to god to relieve my mental blockage (or something along the lines)

14. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?
My own? Kindergarten XD

15. FIRST tattoo?

16. First piercing?
My ears. During Year 2.

17. First foreign country you’ve been to?

18. FIRST movie you remember seeing in the theater?
Titanic! I remember because my parents cover our eyes when the sex scenes come. lol
^ LMAO at smacky. Well mine was Titanic too.

19. When was your FIRST detention?
Long time ago since primary.

20. What was the first state you lived in?
Kampar, Perak.

21. Who was your FIRST roommate?
Cibai Boon the human chimney… Lol.

22. If you had one wish, what would it be?
Practically, it’ll be making more wishes with the wish. But at my current age and mentality, I shall seek the true path of enlightenment. Human realm is just too… complicated? Lol. (Actually it’s the suffering and dharma that is complicating)

23. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?
Anything that is useful.

I tag – Anyone that wants to do this tag.

Actually doesn’t really matter, I take it as “get to know me” to tagging people.




January 31, 2010

Happy Thaipusam! (well it has passed as it’s 1am now but yea).

I’m gonna keep this real short. A day before Thaipusam, I went up to Batu Caves. 2 days ago before the plan, I can’t sleep. Having problems with my body… it’s like telling me something is wrong but I can’t seem to figure it out.

So yeah. I’m at the verge of giving up. Don’t want to go. I actually woke up before my alarm rang at 10. So I kinda slept again… then when it rang I quickly took my bath and gave it a shot. I’m going.

Then I called up my friends to see where they are and how are we catching up. I missed the first bus. Called someone, then alerted him.

Soon enough I realised that it was a false alarm, that bus is heading to campus not KTM. This is the one. Waited at the entrance, glanced at the glass of the bus… packed with people. We cannot make it.

Called my friends. Told them the situation, ordered them to go campus or something.

Then out of the blue a replacement bus came. I was like in awe, really. Then called them up and told them the situation. Of course the first to call was a friend who mistakenly boarded the bus to campus… so he ran back to TTS5 lol. In the end all manage to board the bus but somehow the bus need to turn back to campus as someone told the driver that there are tons of people waiting in campus.

Well ya la if he don’t go back we students report the driver he’s fucked… if he goes back then he rant waste time (which indeed waste time). I heard the driver talking over the phone about it and he said ‘cibai’ lol.

So all is ‘well’ in the morning… we ended up in MV. Ate my first Prosperity Burger in McD. I actually took a picture of it lol. I’m too lazy to retrieve it to my Desktop (due to limited space…) so yeah sorry about that it will be done soon.

Walked around… and I ended up buying 2 formal wear shirt with a casual shirt swiping my Visa Debit for RM360 in G2000. I kinda got con I believe, as only the second piece is 50% I thought if I buy two it applies to both. But oh well nice material so I don’t mind. My mum does though. Lol.

Either way, I don’t have to worry about the fading shirt I got for my birthday present (yes… lacking of shirt does make one having a repetitive attire forcing it to fade). It actually comes with the sleeve cuffs. I like it. That’s why I bought the RM160 one… instead of the cheaper one without it. I was inspired by a thread in AoM discussing about formal shirt and the discipline that can be trained from it.

Then from what that seemed an eternity (well we waited for a friend to come and pick us up after he settle with his family stuffs), we squeezed in the SLK (Well technically it’s a MyVi but oh well Small Little Kelisa XD) and greeted his mom in front.

Cut the story, zoom to Batu Caves. Rained. Ate there while waiting for the rain to subside…

Then went up the 272 stairs at Batu Caves, and of course taking pictures all around. Nice place, albeit a bit crowded. Imagine if I went on the day itself instead of the eve. Oh the crowd.

It was a sight to behold after you reach to the cave entrance. That’s where you’ll be able to see the people dressed in their robes and head shaved carrying offerings up the stairs to the monks up there. Nice experience for me. The more enlightening part is to see mediums around there during the Kavadi was being ‘danced’ into the area. I recorded the scene. Till my MMC out of memory. Lol.

Well it’s been a while since I last saw mediums… (National Service era) and deities coming into their bodies. I was like… wait something is not right, they seem to be in trance. Then saw their body rocking and immediately one can tell. (Of course you have to be into Buddhism-Hinduism trancing / soulsearch / whateverucallitlah to know about it). That’s when I learned that Gods actually have ego themselves (well Wikipedia backed it up, and I actually knew long time ago singe NS era lol).

Haha. But I manage to grab a chance to worship ‘Ayah’. Not sure it’s full name, but I know it’s the most powerful one there la… since all deities go to him at the end before leaving the medium’s body. It’s hard to put into words.

I do NOT know that I am supposed to wish for something when I worship him. I just keep my mind clear and I want to pray him only lol. So I get ‘marked’ on my forehead with consecrated ash and offered me flowers to bathe. After that I walked down the stairs barefooted. (Well I need to take off my shoe before praying so yeah and the cave is wet, so my feet is dirty after that). Walked all the way barefooted back to the car, which was quite a distance. I believe that my Vietnamese friend was like bedazzled or some sort because he’s Christian and never ever see this kind of event before, let alone mediums. Then a Muslim that was with us was discussing with another friend, lively discussion about religion and science… and someone took advantage to rant about someone that was not there (well I hate that person that my friend was ranting about anyway so it’s fine XD).

But seriously, how can you negate all religions by solely science? Well you can if you’re an atheist. But still science is not everything.

Now Playing — Hwanhee (환희) – H Soul – 06 Everyday

I can’t believe that I like Hwanhee’s songs… and he’s… sexy for a guy. Lol. Yeah thanks Rini. Oh ya masamixes too for mashing up his songs.

So yeh it was quite an enlightening experience… hope it cleared my mind and stay that way.

Though on the way back at night I faced a very terrible stomach ache, I actually endured it for 1 FRIGGIN hour from KTM to BUS (and the friggin bus delayed for like 15mins before departure)… imagine the pain. All I did was pray and clear my mind. Well clearly it worked but it was really… hard. Lol.

It’s like if I were to ask you to concentrate on a white piece of paper in your mind without thinking of a Red Teddy Bear. Somehow rather it will occur in your mind. Lol. It’s THAT hard. OR maybe I’m just not good at it yet.

Though the toilet never seemed to be a better place after I got home. Haha.

I was reading up about Hinduism and Buddhism today… well they have damn alot of superweapons for Hinduism. Really I kid you not. I was like wtf are you for real after I read it lol.

One thing that caught my attention was the description for Asuras in Hinduism and Buddhism, there’s a distinct differentiation in the interpretation. Asuras are potrayed as the juxapose of  Devas, hence demons (Hinduism), but in Buddhism it’s more general.

… and I once wished to become an Asura after rebirth. LOL.

Then the karma and dharma explanation was hard to be grasp (well if I manage to means I’m enlightened and understand Buddha’s teaching LOL).

OK la I shall crash now.

Praise lord Murugan.

Om mani padme hum


*dances around refusing to do work*

January 28, 2010

Yes yes I know I know.

Gotta crash now.

Just want to post this.

From sitting in a Class A car to Turbocharged Diesel Wira for a while, then Rush. Now that it’s gone the Civic kicks in. iVTEC just kicked in yo!

From Powerlogic ATX Casing panel burnt to huge tower casing with Core 2 Duo, then slaves of servers, RISER cards, datacentres, VPN, real life scene.

From hate to friends.

From advising to being advised.

From air-cond room to Canon in D playing in background, with a serving of home made spongecake. *yums* Paradise man.

All in all, you rock dude. Let’s bring it! Thanks for everything mate.


K-pop is win. Nuff said. XD

January 26, 2010

Ok I got really immersed in it. Or trying hard to. Either way it’s fine with me. Lol.

Now Playing — 티아라 & 초신성 – TTL Listen 2

Original link —

Original post by Yuri ♥ (Sorry I took the hard way to rip the contents out when they disable right click and copy paste ;D)

오랜만 이예요 ~^^* (앗, 처음인가요? ^^;; 너무 늦어서 죄송해요. ㅜㅜ)

정확히 일주일 뒤면 9소녀들 쪼르륵 함께 인사 드릴 수 있음에 너무너무 설레는… 유리입니다~!
요즘 저는 유치리에서 메주, 두부, 김치, 콩나물, 가래떡 등등을 손수 만들며 (저..손맛 참~ 좋은 그런 여자예요~)
가끔 피곤할 때마다 인간적이게 졸기도 하면서 구수~하게 잘 살고 있습니다~
틈틈이 깜짝 선물 드리려고 준비도 많이 했구요. 우리 S♡NE 분들은요 ^^?

이제, 드디어 그 선물을 조금씩 조금씩 공개할 수 있게 됐어요 ^^!!!
여러분~ “Oh !” 뮤직비디오 티저 영상은 보셨어요 >< ?!
30초도 채 되지 않는 그 짧은 영상에 많은 분들이 너무나 폭발적인 관심 보여주신 덕에
우리소녀들 벌써부터 꼼지락꼼지락 참 좋아서 가만 있질 못하겠네요 ~!!

음악 중심때만 해도요~ 음악과 사랑에 빠진 소녀,
멤버들 데리고 당장이라도 무대 올라가고 싶어 죽! 는! 줄! 알았습니다~ 헤헷 ;;

다가오는 월요일이면 Oh! 음원이 선 공개 되는데요..
오오오오~ 많은 분들이 함께 듣고! 신나게 즐겨주셨으면 좋겠네요 아 휴 떨 려 라 ~ ^^!

암튼 기대되는 2010년도 소녀들 믿고, 우리 함께 달려요!
늘 지켜봐 주시고 응원해주셔서 고맙고, 또 고맙습니다 !

참! 한발 늦었지만 21살의 유리를 축하해주신 모든 분들 잊지 못할 거에요 너무너무 감사합니다!
221살의 유리가 될 때까지~ 2221살…은 너무 무린가?!!
그때까지도 함께 해야 돼요 !!

그럼, 또 올께요~ 안녕~~

Credit  Translation: typicalharu @

Long time no see~ ^^* (Oh, is it the first time? ^^;; Sorry I’m so late. T.T)

In exactly one week, the nine girls can greet the fans together and because of that … my heart is fluttering~!
These days, I’m making fermented soybeans, tofu, kimchi, bean sprouts, rice cakes, etc with my own hands (I’m.. a girl who can make those kind of stuff~).
I also doze off when I’m tired and living pleasantly~ I was preparing gifts for you guys in my spare time as well. What about you S♥nes ^^?

Now, I am able to reveal the present little by little ^^!!!
Everyone~ Did you guys watch the “Oh!” teaser video >< ?!
Because many people had interest in the short 30 second clip, the girls can’t stay still due to overflowing happiness~!!

During the Music Core days~ the girl who fell in love with music WAS. ABOUT. TO. DIE. wanting to just drag the members on to the stage~ Hehe ;;

This coming Monday, Oh! will be released prior to the album.
Oh oh oh oh ~ I hope everyone will listen together and enjoy it! Phew, I’m so nervous~ ^^!

Anyways, please believe in the girls in 2010, and let’s all do this together!
Thanks and thanks again for always watching us and supporting us!

Oh! I’m a little late, but I won’t forget everyone who congratulated Yuri turning 21! Thank you so much!
Until Yuri is 221 years old~ and even 2221… is that too much?!!
I hope you stay with me until then!

I’ll be back later~ bye~~

GG Epic win. ❤

Amount of Kpop I downloaded in 4 hours lol (some already gotten it quite some time but yea, I gotten like 5 albums)

Folder PATH listing
Volume serial number is B8B6-9CE5
|   01 Touch (Dramatic Symphony mix).mp3
|   05 DO THE MOTION (Fall Out Love mix).mp3
|   08 Land Of The Rising K-Pop 2009.mp3
|   09 ????? (Micro’s House mix).mp3
|   4minute – MUZIK.mp3
|   Boys Over Flowers OST – Stand by Me – Shinee.mp3
|   Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra.mp3
|   HyunAh – Change (Feat. Yong Joon Hyung From Beast) {}.mp3
|   Kara – Honey.mp3
|   Kara – Wanna.mp3
|   Kara – ???(Mr.).mp3
|   Kim Tae Woo – ??? (Love Rain).mp3
|   SNSD & Super Junior – Seoul Song.mp3
|   Super Junior – Sorry Sorry.mp3
|   Wonder Girls – Nobody (English Version).mp3
|   Wonder Girls – Nobody (Korean Version).mp3
+—2NE1 – I Don’t Care
|       02 I Don’t Care (
+—2PM – Tik Tok (feat. Yoon Eun Hye)
|       01 Tik Tok (feat. Yoon Eun Hye).mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—4minute (???) – For Muzik
|       01 For Muzik.mp3
|       02 MUZIK.mp3
|       03 Hot Issue.mp3
|       04 What a girl wants.mp3
|       05 Funny.mp3
|       06 Won’t Give You.mp3
|       07 Hot Issue (Remix).mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—Brown Eyed Girls – Sound G
|       01 Glam Girl.mp3
|       02 Abracadabra.mp3
|       03 Joongdok.mp3
|       04 Candy Man.mp3
|       05 Moody Night.mp3
|       06 Isanghan il.mp3
|       07 Mot gah.mp3
|       08 Yeojaga isseodo.mp3
|       09 Jalhalgeyo.mp3
|       10 Abracadabra (Inst.).mp3
|       11 Candy Man (Inst.).mp3
|       12 Jalhalgeyo (Inst.).mp3
|       13 DJ Cloud Translates L.O.V.E (Cloud Remix).mp3
|       14 Haihm Translates Second (Haihm Rebuild).mp3
|       15 East4A Translates You (East4A Soulsome Remix).mp3
|       16 Hitchhiker Translates Eojjeoda (Hitchhiker (Jinu) Dynamic Remix).mp3
|       17 Saintbinary Translates Hold The Line (Saintbinary Sweet Purple Mix).mp3
|       18 Junjaman Translates My Style (Junjaman Wet Dream Remix).mp3
|       19 Fraktal Translates Oasis (Fraktal Desert Is Land Mix).mp3
+—f(x) (????) – The First Single – Chu~
|       01 Chu~?.mp3
|       02 Step By Me.mp3
|       03 You Are My Destiny.mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—f(x) [????] – Chocolate Love ??? ??
|       01 Chocolate Love (Electronic Pop Ver.).mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—G-Dragon (????) Vol.1 – 1? Heartbreaker
|       01 A Boy.mp3
|       02 Heartbreaker.mp3
|       03 Breathe.mp3
|       04 Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung).mp3
|       05 Hello (feat. Dara).mp3
|       06 Gossip man (feat. Kim Gun Mo).mp3
|       07 Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang).mp3
|       08 The Leaders (feat. Teddy, CL).mp3
|       09 She’s Gone (feat. Kush).mp3
|       10 Station 1 Year.mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—Hwanhee (??) – H Soul
|       01 Because I Missed Your Heart.mp3
|       02 Bring It Back.mp3
|       03 Late Confession.mp3
|       04 Getting Down.mp3
|       05 The Curious Case of Our Breakup.mp3
|       06 Everyday.mp3
|       07 Because I Missed Your Heart (Inst.).mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—Jewelry (???) – Vol.6 (6?) Sophisticated
|       01 Bounce.mp3
|       02 Butterfly.mp3
|       03 Vari2ty.mp3
|       04 Strong Girl.mp3
|       05 Oops.mp3
|       06 Fantastic 4.mp3
|       07 Sweet Boy.mp3
|       08 Be Rocker.mp3
|       09 Rally (feat. NassuN).mp3
|       10 Vari2ty (inst.).mp3
|       11 Rally (inst.).mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—Kara – Revolution
|       01.___.mp3
|       02.Wanna.mp3
|       03.__.mp3
|       04.____.mp3
|       05.Let It Go.mp3
|       06.Take A Bow.mp3
|       07.Aha.mp3
|       08._ __ _.mp3
|       09.Wanna (inst.).mp3
|       10.__ (Inst.).mp3
+—Kara – The First Blooming
|       01 Honey.mp3
|       02 Pretty Girl.mp3
|       03 Bedspread.mp3
|       1 ? ?? ?.mp3
|       10 ? ?? ? (Instrumental).mp3
|       2 Break It.mp3
|       3 ?? ?? (If U Wanna).mp3
|       4 Secret World.mp3
|       5 Don’t Be Shy.mp3
|       6 ?? ?.mp3
|       7 I’ll Be There.mp3
|       8 ?? ???.mp3
|       9 Break It (Instrumental).mp3
+—Kim Tae Woo – T-Virus
|       01. ?? ?? ? Part.2.mp3
|       02. Faster (feat. ??).mp3
|       03. ???.mp3
|       04. ?? ?! ?? ? ?! (duet with Lyn).mp3
|       05. ??? (feat. ??).mp3
|       06. ??? ?? (feat. Joon Hyung, Ho Young, Danny).mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—Kim Tae Woo – ??? (Digital Single)
|       01 ??? (Feat.????, ???).mp3
|       Cover.jpg
|       SsmilebigG’s note to you!.txt
+—Secret (???) – I Want You Back
|       01 3 Years 6 Months.mp3
|       02 I Want You Back.mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—SHINee (???) – 2009, Year Of Us
|       01 Y.O.U.mp3
|       02 Ring Ding Dong (2).mp3
|       02 Ring Ding Dong.jpg
|       02 Ring Ding Dong.mp3
|       03 JoJo.mp3
|       04 Get Down.mp3
|       05 SHINee Girl.mp3
|       06 The Name I Loved.mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love)
|       01 TTL (Time To Love).mp3
|       cover.jpg
+—T-ara (???) – Absolute First Album
|       01 One & One.mp3
|       02 Like The First Time.mp3
|       03 Bo Peep Bo Peep.mp3
|       04 Tic Tic Toc.mp3
|       05 Bye Bye.mp3
|       06 Apple Is A.mp3
|       07 Falling U.mp3
|       08 You You You.mp3
|       09 Lies (Dance Ver.).mp3
|       10 TTL (Time To Love).mp3
|       11 Lies (Slow Ver.).mp3
|       12 TTL Listen 2.mp3
|       13 Good Person.mp3
|       14 Wanna Play_.mp3
|       cover.jpeg
+—TaeYang (??) – Wedding Dress (?????)
|       01 Wedding Dress.jpg
|       01 Wedding Dress.mp3
+—[SNTRNGR] BoA – Remix Selections
|       Aggressive (Vs D.Bace Mix) [SNTRNGR RMX].mp3
|       BoA – Bad Drive (SNTRNGR vs VNDSLM remix).mp3
|       BoA – Eat You Up (SNTRNGR’s Love Dub).mp3
|       BoA – Lose your Mind (Lunatic Remix).mp3
|       Eat You Up (vs Klass) [SNTRNGR RMX].mp3
\—??? (B2ST) ? Crazy (?? ‘??? ???? 2’ ???)  (Attack The Gas Station 2 OST) [Digital Single]
01 Crazy.mp3

The above does NOT include SNSD songs too. =3

Ok time to sleep. Goodnight world. Seize the day.


Kissing You Baby~

January 24, 2010

Now Playing — 소녀시대 – Kissing You – Groovy Candy Remix (By Philtre)

First time listening to this song (version) after I downloaded it. (Oops, piracy, I know). I’ll support Soshi when I start working (and hopefully by then they’re still Soshi’s till the end of time. =D

Anyway, I’d read this following interesting thread posted by one of the members: (Very awesome read in fact)

Excerpt: It’s about how he started K-pop, went from groups to groups, then SNSD. As time goes he fells in love with Tiffany, and the additional details.

Now, at first one might think that it is a fanatic with a delusional mind. I beg to differ. I hereby agree to what he’d mentioned, well not the the extend of being a idol and actually confess to Tiff, but yea. In short, you can have feelings for someone you do not know well. Turning it into reality, is hard. Getting feedbacks and nasty comments, is easy.

I end the weekend with cleaning my room and toilet. Also the downstairs kitchen and hall. I feel manly lol. Ok disregard that. Past week was hell. Somehow. I abused coffee (well not really, but consumed more than I would) to keep myself awake for studies. Then in the end, I did ok for some papers and badly for 2. (4 subjects this sem).

I don’t know but I doubt the results will come out well this time… sigh. Either way, I think I need to recalculate for a plan B in order to maintain my percentage.

Now Playing — Girls’ Generation – Gee (지)

Damn long never listen to this song already. 2 weeks plus I guess? That’s the thing with exams… it’ll change your life in some way or another. Such as my perception towards certain things. Though I didn’t listen to Gee and the related, I still love SNSD ❤ No worries haha. Just that I got hooked to Masamixes which produces awesome mashups of K-pop, which got me hooked up to several other songs too. All thanks to Chingz. Lol.

So my next target: Learn Korean language. XD

FYP, 2nd sem starting TOMORROW. Yeah, no break after exams.

Supposedly I should post my Xmas trip to Singapore pictures and Broga Hill hiking pictures (Yeah I went there yesterday morning, it was awesomely tiring too).

Guess the following last semester of my University life gonna start after 12am tonight. Lol. Either way, hopefully it’ll be a good one.

Cheers to life.



January 21, 2010

Last exam, God, help me.

Will not give up despite having a bad encounter with DBC earlier.


I promise myself

January 20, 2010
  • Tonight remember what I study
  • Practice Street Fighter 4 and overcome my left hand finger’s problem
  • Practice COD4 for the 1v1 Competition
  • Bathe following Bond’s style, and regular shave.
  • 10mins a day, 3 times a week exercise.
  • So long as I am true to the best that is in me
  • Hwaiting!

Well I’m the norm. For now.

January 20, 2010

Yeah I agree, I am the norm. When got stuck with some difficulty, I’ll come here and rant. To me, it’s like a reference from the past to the future if I do that. At least that’s what I always think when I look back at my blog posts. Lol.

Either way, that does not change the fact that DBC is hard and SRP is godlike. I also do not know how to study for both. God bless man this time.

Main struggles from SEC and OPS is now officially over. Really can’t wait till exams are over, but…

I just hope I manage to pull it off this time. Lol. By hook or by crook. Don’t be fooled by the length of the question, look at the weight of the marks given… gotta write like thesis man for DBC. Sigh gg.

If I manage to develop a method that works, hahahahaha (fill in the blanks).


Moments where you just think about something

January 18, 2010

I looked back into the way I post in a local forum of mine for year 2007. I laughed. I actually typed something as such. I laughed at my own childishness and method of spamming. So to speak.

But yet, sometimes time makes you wonder of how much you’d changed, for the better or the worse, in a blink of an eye.

Best part is, you can’t control it. It just happens naturally. Though I’m turning 21 this year, I still don’t feel like I’m 21. As if I was still in secondary school, at least the perception field. Simply put, when you’re in secondary school, this is supposedly the mentality one should have. Why now?

Why the delay in mental growth?

One cannot do anything but wonder sometimes. For me I find Prajnaparamita so far away from my reach. Of course, I’m not really a very devoted Buddhist, but I practice what I preach. Try to.

Then when you’re at the edge of reflecting your past and thoughts, you just can’t help but to think why did it happened that way.

Not that I’m clinging to my past, but to let go of everything, literally everything, is just out of my capability for the moment. Probably I’ll be enlightened if I truly understand the meaning of the Prajnaparamita Hrdaya Sutram.

Now that’s something to look forward to. Lol.

Anyway exams made me reflect on a lot of things. Apparently from the way I see it humans tend to reflect and ponder at weirdest and crucial times, not forgetting life-death situations. Housemate almost died from suffocation the other day. A student got raped and robbed near my area. Exams in 1:30 PM (12 hours away).

Hopefully my brain learns how to adapt to it and perhaps:

There is no ignorance,
and no end to ignorance.
There is no old age and death,
and no end to old age and death.
There is no suffering, no cause of suffering,
no end to suffering, no path to follow.
There is no attainment of wisdom,
and no wisdom to attain.

Thank you Nicole for the inspirational story the other day.


Food For Thought

January 13, 2010

Thanks to a friend:

u do watever u need to do.. not depends got gf or not

u said got gf at uni then study msc i was like wtf

i stun cock lo

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That just shows I am still a kid lol