Oh lord *bows*


Yes, a typical scene where angels and goddess, gods and the similar descend to Earth. It’s like bow before your creators lol you weaklings XD

Ok that was just a joke. God don’t punish me pls?

edit:Oshin <3❤ Oshin. Hahahah. =P I’m Bunny-chan in game (Call of Duty 4).

Kaiser is so gonna kill me. Oh ya did I tell you all I’m one of the Game Administrators for Serverpark? =P Kaiser is my boss. -__- So yea lolx

p/s — In case you don’t know which pro server is that, it’s one of BVPN hosted servers. Click here.

The light showed me the way. Aaaaaaaaveeeeee maaaariiiiiiiaaaaaaa~

Well that’s what you will get when your supervisor calls you like 1am and talked to you about 30mins, first complaining about the crappy work (it was expected) you gave him, and then elaborating about what you have to do. So it’s like, a big OHHH.

Finally. I’m at the verge of turning crazy, seriously (that was before the call). Now I was like, ok… now I gotta do this this this this that that that that.

At least I know what to do now. Yeshhh.

Well it’s really an honor to work with you sir.

So from now on 90% FYP 5% sports 5% leisure (COD4). GG.

Oh ya I went to gym at night. Less ppl. Yay. Less n1gg@$ hogging the place too. Now damn pain. Legs was like so tofu ady when I only did 3 reps for 12.5kgs squats. Meh. >.>



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