I tell you…


… that today is the most wtf thing that happened in my life (well not entirely true, it’s just wtf). *hugs pillow lol*


Ok la let me start from this morning. I didn’t set my alarm, so didn’t really hear my usual Gee intake. Quek knock on my door first thing in the morning telling me that we cannot watch the ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ in which the trailer is AWESOME and pretty much convinced us to watch it over 2012. So yeah hope crushed, I fell back on my bed and slept because I was too tired. Half an hour later he was well dressed to go out I was like OMG give me 5 mins I go take my bath, prepare everything, took my jacket (I suspected cinema to be cold), and left.

My legs were still aching like hell as I entirely blame myself for not doing squats for such a long time. FFS it’s just 12.5KG on both sides wth. Hands were aching as well, I’m forced to apply some Yoko Yoko onto both hands and legs. (It does come in handy sometimes). Left at 10 something with Roey, reach there by 11 plus maybe, went to Dhanik’s house first, fetched him, and we went TSB (The Software Boutique) and Q-chan bought his MW2 Original there for RM220. Well Kaiser’s sellin’ at RM200 but his stock is in Singapore, Q didn’t wanna wait so yeah.

After that we went Tropicana, find parking also 30 minutes. (We still did not see a rough day ahead) Then went to the cinema, friggin long queue. Q’s mistake, not booking the tickets first. Waited for 30mins, no time slot, not enough space, don’t want to wait so late. So we left. -_- Decided to rush down to Midvalley The Gardens for the RM20 premier seats. Delayed a bit la because of detours of here and there.

The most disappointing part of my life kicked in when I went down to the ground floor and ended up in front of ‘Bad Ass Coffee’ (nice name I know) DIRECTLY. Then for the most dumbstruck 3 seconds of my life was there when I looked directly into a girl, quite petite I would say, in orange cap, and pink shirt (that’s why it was like sooooo appealing to the eye), and a great smile from afar. Distance in between was about… I would say 40steps away? Forget about the pink. My eyes were stuck to the wide grin from ear to ear. You see la from far I can see the smile ady. Dah lah damn sweet. Then the girl went in to the shop. I was like, in that 3 seconds, I processed the information I had before a day ago, and I BSOD-ed (Blue Screen of Death — click here) on the fly. I realised my friend was heading to the elevator, so I followed in suit after that.

I went up the car, and as I left the building, I felt that I had done the biggest mistake in my life. I felt bad for the rest of the day.

You know why? That girl was the one I chatted last night, complaining to me that she got hired because of great smiling, speaking proper English and looking confident. The girl with a great smile on her face every second of the day (well, I believe it’s very hard to refute this fact). It is Chimz (LYN).


Regretted, and ranted to Dhanik when I was in Starbucks in MV and cuci mata-ing. Then Dhanik epicly scolded me telling me this ‘I was in your shoes bro back then’ *altered version* If you want something, and you’re there, GO. JUST GO.

Major slap on teh face *piaks*

Ok then going back to the point that we just reached the Gardens, we went to the cinema, and we missed the time. The next one was at 6. WTF. No more other nice movies already. So we’re like damn pissed already. Bad day. That’s why we went Starbucks, as all like sleepy already. Talk cock sing song there for a while and met Vladmir there too.

Best part, he bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for RM200 ONLY. Q-chan was like FUCK FUCK FUCK (all these trouble to pay more than RM20 for the same thing, and missed the movie). We all can tell he was very very disappointed. Actually we all are.

Ate in TSF (The Spaghetti F…….) I forgot what’s the F. Lol. Quite nice.

Went back home after sending Dhanik back.

So on the way home, Q-chan expressed his guilt for not being able to enjoy our day and felt sorry for us and apologized. I was like wow. But oh well, shit happens. I mean, SHIT HAPPENS.

Of course at the end of the day, without giving out reasons, I have no one to blame but myself.

Gah. >.>

Tiring, disappointed day man.

I will seriously slap myself in the face if that’s how I will lose my future gf.


edit — http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2009/11/13/2ch-suspected-trace-gallery/

View at own risk (18sx material involved a bit, all over the site). Given by Q-chan. Lifted my mood a bit la.


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