What do I have in mind currently?


*stun* Why the hell suddenly my phone got appointment reminder of someone’s birthday? I checked the number’s profile and found out that I didn’t key in the birthday there. Looked in My Documents for the Timepassages report in case I did it for that person before back then, but nothing. Then I checked my calendar again, it is tomorrow. o-O Checked Facebook, apparently no date on that person’s birthday. Like Wth srsly out of the blue scary @@ But I will wish that person later la.

I was looking for, intuition… or rather the path of enlightenment for my FYP, so I’d decided to refer to the UK slides for G53IDS, but coincidently I went into my pendrive backup folder, and saw the awesome cover of my personal report for G52GRP. Decided to read it. After reading the whole thing, I was like, did I really typed that? Stress works wonders sometimes. Same goes to the group report, I can’t believe my own eyes we did that. It’s like WOAH. We DID IT.

Then Ms Sri (ex lecturer, goddess level) dropped a hint saying that the marking is based on CONTRIBUTIONS OMFGWTFBBQSAUSE. Serious tone. It’s based on ‘how genuine your idea is, your contribution, how much it is’. DIE LO. So hard.

I was walking back to my house after I bought burger because I foresee myself crying in hunger around 12~1am later. Then I realised Abeer’s house is like having a bachelor party or some shit. Guitar, beer drinking session perhaps. Then I realised the fortified steel on ALL of the windows along the whole row of terrace houses. The thought that we are confined to our spaces doing work and study just kills me. It’s like we’re all trapped in a jail or some sort. No freedom at all. Of course, it’s there for our security, but what gives? Depressing look.

Didn’t go to watch 2012 with my coursemates as I foresee myself not enjoying the moment. Then again, I have no one appropriate to go out with. Lol.

Also a random rant on how sunny and nice weather it can be like around 2pm of the day, and around 4:30pm it started pouring like cleansing theraphy God gave to mankind and then stopped raining at 5pm, making me and my housemate unable to go to swim. Actually can la, but after rain, he complained that the water will be so damn cold, which is true. I sneezed like a wild goose on a flu back then when I jumped into water at night. The wind isn’t helping back then.

Oh ya did I mention back then the spider invasion near the swimming pool after the rain back then? We were swimming halfway (at least I was, erm trying to) saw tiny spiders crawling all over the place and we were like WTF. Really. Never see it happen before. Everyone there was shocked. Lol. Not tarantulas, those smaller version, but not house spiders. As big as a King Ant, 20cent. Yeah that would be appropriate.

Despite the fact that I’m trying to cut down on fats, I’m still hungry at night. Hence, I’m gonna devour my burger now. I’ll just have to work harder. I rephrase, HARDER.

Hopefully I still stay sane until I graduate.



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