I’m Lost


Now Playing — Girls’ Generation – Gee (지)

The only song that can cheer me up so far. Lol.

Either way, I’m lost. Everything seems so blur out of a sudden. I was looking out at the sky, when I was walking out of my house to catch some fresh air due to the stuffiness and ‘stress’ I have whilst coming out what to input for my coursework and by right I should be doing my FYP instead of that so I’d suddenly decided I need to leave my seat.

I look up, a star and a half moon greeted me in the dark clear sky. The mental image of the scene where I ifrst saw the 2 stars and the crescent moon on top flared my mind. Neurotransmitters triggered and released pulses throughout my body. I am feeling sad. Where’s the other star?

It’s like if I were to be put on the scale, one side will sink and the other side will rise. Well I won’t state the obvious.

Why am I lost of thoughts so suddenly?

While looking at photos a friend of mine posted there’s like 200 photos and I’m still going through the front few ones, I saw a few group photos that was taken during Year 1 and Year 2. I saw myself, and I was like, I never knew I had such long hair. O_o Lolx.

Then that is when a lot of things started to make sense out of thin air. My assignment doesn’t tho. Too bad.

So what can I do now?

I think the clearest answer is sleep. Things will take it’s turn I hope. Where is the driving force, please come back.



One Response to “I’m Lost”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    xiao bro.. i know how you feel… you need a reason to go on.. FIGHT! .. btw… when are you online in the evenings? there is a 4 hour diff btwn Msia and NZ and i sleep by 8pm msian time…

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