Is this underachieving or overachieving?


This thought came to me when I am ‘attempting’ to start my coursework. Which is pretty mind boggling sometimes. It’s like, if given you a task, do you desperately accomplish it to get the best outcome, or rather just take it as it is and whatever happens happens?

I think it might be due to the educational factors that are imposed in my academic life that I am facing such a trouble. Given that I have the freedom of not being monitored to achieve a certain target, I bet RM10 that I will slack the whole time. Well, at least if it’s not as what I mentioned, I only lose RM10. =) Lolx.

I think I’d been toooooooo desperate for marks. Time to reflect.

Meanwhile, I still have to finish my courseworks and start on my FYP. T__T

Penned by eXPeri3nc3.


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