Erm… lol. XD


Ok things didn’t turn out to what I wanted to do, but yeah, it’s been one hell of a week. Not that Saturday is here yet, but today (1:29AM) later in the evening I’ll be heading down to KL for a friend’s birthday party, there goes my night.


I promise myself, I have to, do something on Friday and onwards.

Damn hot now. Played Saboteur and took pictures of the epic path. Upload sometime later. Indonesia vacation photos still I haven’t develop yet. XD


I’ll just do what I have to then.

Ah, friends of friends, or friends, or people do show me how wonderful and epic a relationship can be. How it works, how it struck, how it ends. Social dynamics is often very interesting to be observed.

What I’m trying to say is… it’s intricate. Very. Lol.

Surprisingly, the songs I listen to in friend’s car, the places he drove to, my brain somehow just throws me old memories and data…

This is really one hell of an evening. I know, it could have been but did not turn out.

Guess you can never wipe out something from your mind completely unless you have amnesia or some shit. I ain’t want that man. I’ll deal with it as it hits.



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