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You’re Gonna Be Shocked Lolx.

October 26, 2009

Instructions :
1) On your windows media player or whatsoever music player.
2)Search for your top 10 songs.
3)List them down one by one.
4)Tell us why you can’t live without that song.

Format — Title (Play Count)

1. Prajna-paramita Hrdaya Sutram (The Heart Sutra) 般若心経 (184)

Like hell if I can live without this chant. Clears my mind, especially during exams and important moments.

2. BoA – Universe (Feat. Crystal Kay & Verbal (from m-flo) (61)

I just like the beat / bass. Yeah been looping it, tho nowadays I seldom play it.

3. BoA – Eternity (Eien, 永遠) (50)

I like the song. The lyrics, MV, BoA~ ❤

4. Believe In Love (Revex Version) (38)

The 3 songs listed above is BoA’s new album, and yes I’d been looping them during summer holidays xD

5. BoA Feat. Sean Garrett – I Did It For Love (33)

Um, can’t really tell why I like this song. Maybe it’s just BoA LOL.

6. Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (31)

Very good wake up song. Very very good. Gets me pumping. Gotta get get~

7. David Archuleta – A Little Too Not Over You (29)

I think I looped this song since January till July. *hint*

8. Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor (24)

Another must listen wake up song. I just like the word “evacuate the dancefloor” lol.

9. Flo Rida – Sugar (Featuring Wynter) (24)

My lips like sugar~

10. BoA – Eat You Up

I listen to this song to stone. Lol.

Meh my current fave songs are not listed. Somehow. I think I haven’t been playing them too many times compared to the listed ones here. *shrug*

If I were to tell you my top song currently, it’s SNSD — Gee (지). ❤

I kinda love the lyrics, the girls, the MV, the catchy tune, and it lifts / lights up the mood! I can’t believe I’m saying this.



I’m Lost

October 26, 2009

Now Playing — Girls’ Generation – Gee (지)

The only song that can cheer me up so far. Lol.

Either way, I’m lost. Everything seems so blur out of a sudden. I was looking out at the sky, when I was walking out of my house to catch some fresh air due to the stuffiness and ‘stress’ I have whilst coming out what to input for my coursework and by right I should be doing my FYP instead of that so I’d suddenly decided I need to leave my seat.

I look up, a star and a half moon greeted me in the dark clear sky. The mental image of the scene where I ifrst saw the 2 stars and the crescent moon on top flared my mind. Neurotransmitters triggered and released pulses throughout my body. I am feeling sad. Where’s the other star?

It’s like if I were to be put on the scale, one side will sink and the other side will rise. Well I won’t state the obvious.

Why am I lost of thoughts so suddenly?

While looking at photos a friend of mine posted there’s like 200 photos and I’m still going through the front few ones, I saw a few group photos that was taken during Year 1 and Year 2. I saw myself, and I was like, I never knew I had such long hair. O_o Lolx.

Then that is when a lot of things started to make sense out of thin air. My assignment doesn’t tho. Too bad.

So what can I do now?

I think the clearest answer is sleep. Things will take it’s turn I hope. Where is the driving force, please come back.


Is this underachieving or overachieving?

October 24, 2009

This thought came to me when I am ‘attempting’ to start my coursework. Which is pretty mind boggling sometimes. It’s like, if given you a task, do you desperately accomplish it to get the best outcome, or rather just take it as it is and whatever happens happens?

I think it might be due to the educational factors that are imposed in my academic life that I am facing such a trouble. Given that I have the freedom of not being monitored to achieve a certain target, I bet RM10 that I will slack the whole time. Well, at least if it’s not as what I mentioned, I only lose RM10. =) Lolx.

I think I’d been toooooooo desperate for marks. Time to reflect.

Meanwhile, I still have to finish my courseworks and start on my FYP. T__T

Penned by eXPeri3nc3.


October 22, 2009

That’s all I can say. Plan backfired. But oh well. Encore next week!

I knew it anyway.

Corny bought Razer Naga and PS3 Slim. Again.

Then when you think about it… you might be wondering how much had he spent this year lol.

Sushi Zanmai sucks in service… my drink came late for 30mins.

Sushi ok ok la.

… and the branch is in Sunway Pyramid. Ah Sunway.

Then they discussed about Sunway’s lifestyle, girls, and expenditures, I can’t help but to give a nonchalant fake smile.

That’s when you will realise it’s world’s apart.

Baaaaah. Don’t care ady. No point.


Rawr =3

October 21, 2009

The epicness is coming back. I can sense it. =D

Looking forward to this Thursday.

All the best!



October 12, 2009

I iz sad. I iz succumb to temptations. I iz know how ebil it iz.

I chastise meself.

I iz to meditate liao.


Erm… lol. XD

October 8, 2009

Ok things didn’t turn out to what I wanted to do, but yeah, it’s been one hell of a week. Not that Saturday is here yet, but today (1:29AM) later in the evening I’ll be heading down to KL for a friend’s birthday party, there goes my night.


I promise myself, I have to, do something on Friday and onwards.

Damn hot now. Played Saboteur and took pictures of the epic path. Upload sometime later. Indonesia vacation photos still I haven’t develop yet. XD


I’ll just do what I have to then.

Ah, friends of friends, or friends, or people do show me how wonderful and epic a relationship can be. How it works, how it struck, how it ends. Social dynamics is often very interesting to be observed.

What I’m trying to say is… it’s intricate. Very. Lol.

Surprisingly, the songs I listen to in friend’s car, the places he drove to, my brain somehow just throws me old memories and data…

This is really one hell of an evening. I know, it could have been but did not turn out.

Guess you can never wipe out something from your mind completely unless you have amnesia or some shit. I ain’t want that man. I’ll deal with it as it hits.


Oh lord.

October 7, 2009

Darn. I need to re-organise. Messy ady. Everything. *scratches and yawns*

Never mind, I promise myself I will do everything well.

Meanwhile, bloody losers. Normal mode, Juggernaut, Martyr, TDM Shipment. WTF la. So noob meh. Scared to play hardcore, scared to play SnD. In the end I still pwn. Brought my own headset and mouse and played in CC. Got my revenge somehow. XD Nvm at least still rape.

A screenshot that I played with Esp.Hayabusa (=P) and raged. =D KDR 3:1 only la.

Raged in Serverpark HC SnD

Raged in Serverpark HC SnD

*click to enlarge* =3

eXP out.

-edit — oh ya, the pro players are about the same KDR, in promod, in which I suck at promod. Go figure >.>-