Move Along Like You Know You Should~


Now Playing — The All-American Rejects – Move Along

The first time I noticed this song was in an advertisement in one of the channels, to be specific Digi Advert. I like the tune to it, lol, quite meaningful. I downloaded the whole AAR album *oops* and seems to be liking it, like One Republic.

Next time I’m gonna get Dau*how to spell*Daughtry and Nickelback’s albums. =D

With that aside, next move along to the next song I’m listening to now:

Black Eyed Peas — I Gotta Feeling

Seriously, I streamed the MV in Youtube, and I was like wtfisthisshit? Lol. Don’t get it. Meh, MVs are never serious to begin with most of the time I guess.

So what did I do today? Attend class, I walked to campus as Vailance woke up late. Lol. After that went to MCs room to discuss my FYP. GG lo. Discussed for 30mins plus but to no avail, so he said give him a day’s time. Ok lo, what can I do…

Went to the cafeteria, it was shitloads of people there. I was like @@ and started panic. It feels like your drowning in the building with a sea of people. More like survival project like L4D where everyone around you are zombies. Hungry human = will kill for food. It does make sense XD

Ate at the outside cafeteria… made friends with some random dudes. Well done eXP. Lol. Could have done better la… gotta get used to it.

Then walk back to house and took a nap, then COD4 localgame practice throwing nades and sniper as internet died.

Skip the useless info, and found information regarding AES and the recent successful 14 rounds Cryptanalysis. Tried using Snort, but the GUI keeps crashing. Niaseng.

Stress. I just realised I haven’t register, and my dad scolded me as well. Tomorrow I gotta man up and go register. I have the fear to register alone as… well shit happened before this.

So ya… fats to lose, readings to do, knowledge to gain, choices to make, breaths to recuperate.

Cmon man… it’s almost the end of Sept. Where’s my on switch for uber_pwnage mode?



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