I think I’m fallin’ for youuuuuuu


Yeah… you so damn cute. More on that later.

Supposedly updating photos for Indonesia trip… till today still haven’t do it. -_-

Just came back from MidValley. Went MV, and MV Apartments, AIMS datacentre, saw the interal, damn cool.

Erm, then ate at Chilis Corny belanja half portion of our food. Thank you~

Oh ya watched Final Destination… regreted. Don’t ask why.

Then at Chilis when I was walking out from the toilet, a pretty girl came out at the same time. She gave me the stuncock face, and yelled. Then I think she got shocked and paiseh and started laughing and walk towards her friends, on their shoulder pushing them to the door while the laughter continues.

Girlcoating la. What else. Why la. Why coat la. No chance to talk to her. Damn funny tho. I was like o-O wtf lol.




Bath time. Sleepy laaaaaaaaaaaa.



One Response to “I think I’m fallin’ for youuuuuuu”

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