Irony Eh


My eyes just flared up when I saw someone in the forums saying Kampar is lame. Well, try Semenyih for the matter. Actually it doesn’t matter, just get over it, like how I did.

As much as I despise people who are stereotypical, this is no different from being ignorant. Well clearly they are too stuck up with their own ‘original’ lifestyle and any other types are just plain
‘lame’. I can directly classify this group of people, but definitely it’s gonna offend one whole bunch of the population, so I’m holding my guns back.

Geez people these days. The more sophisticated one can be, the more ‘incredible’ they become.

Anyway, today lunch was Vietnamese noodle, tinkered around in Hien’s house, and went back to mine.

Nothing much for the evening, and ate at Idi’s. Damn the rice is spicy. Forgot to tell the guy. I actually watched Watchmen there. I was like, wait a minute isn’t that the quote Jon used in his MSN some time ago? Lol.

Ok la, don’t really like the movie. Thank god didn’t go to the cinema for it.

Eitherway, I met a Bangladeshi friend of mine, beer is on him, so I followed and chatted. He shared his experience during the work and travel thingy, and green eyes starting to popup from me like mushrooms poping out after a rain. Really.

Well life can really be awesome.

Gonna sleep now, waking up early, and for the first time flying over to Indonesia, for 5 days.

Fun is on the way! =D



One Response to “Irony Eh”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    Green eyes cannot pop like mushrooms… that will be damn scary..
    and hahah who is watching the watchmen..
    yeah man… some “elitists” are idiots and cannot appreciate nature… bah.. I am elite and nature is the most Elite thing you can explore… 😀

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