This needs more awsm


Awesome delivered. =D

Today was awesome. I woke up complaining today is gonna be boring. I request awesomeness to kick in, subliminally. It did. Wake up call from Jon, if not I’ll probably try to sleep till 2 then only figure out how to get my lunch. Seriously, without any food stock in the house, I can really starve to death from the rate I’m eating. So around 1 o’clock I walked to campus, then as I reached the junction before the EduSquare, Mr Wang Wei stoped his car (yes he bought 1), and gave me a lift. I was like =D nice thanks then off I go. He cut his hair, now shorter, and handsome. =D Lol. Don’t get any ideas. Apparently he’s really working fulltime now. Wow. Impressive.

Anyway I said goodbye, and went to SA for my fave combo Dami Chicken Chop and Honey Milk Tea which costs up to RM8. I know, I @@ also but not everytime so ok la. Next time I’ll bring my own bottle. XD

Then I messaged Kien since I’m bored, and I saw Hien’s message over Facebook that he’s visiting Kien when he come back. I asked for the details from Kien, called Hien in the end, and waited him in campus. I was stoning in first floor SA building, in which consists of only me and another guy on the whole floor, as if every other people was quarantined lol. Damn empty, and a big grin on my face. I like it there when there’s no one around. Damn peaceful. Pool tables got scratched, aih. Was reading old news paper, and glanced at the horoscope section and comics too XD

After what seemed like eternity Hien came with his Vietnamese friend. We missed the 2:30opm bus, and he’s still hungry so he have to eat. He just flew back from Vietnam a few hours ago after reaching his house he rushed here already. So ok lo. Then I saw Ms Pek Kim. I forgot her name. Damn paiseh XD Said hi to her and talked a bit. Then I keep chatting with that two. Till a point where they finished their food, and Ms just got hers, so I went over to her table when the other two buy topup and new SIM for their phones. From that point onwards, it was a good long chatter. They came back, and left again since Hien wants to show his friend around, so I continue chatting till 4pm. That’s like, well 1 hour and a half? Around there.

It’s fun to chat with a lecturer that is kind to students and actually care for them. We did talk bout ZK and MC too. XD Then condemned *youknowwho* la.

But I like talking to her again. She did point out I look… thinner, over the course of 3 years. Yay ^^V” Ok la for the fact that I know that I grew fatter doesn’t really make a difference hahaha. XD

Oh well. Talking to her made me realised how much I’d changed for the better. Then I told her stories. Stories about how I was boycotted, interview for scholarship, how I got into trouble, how I jumped from one side to the other side of the line, and even the motivational fuel (ini…). It’s fun =D

I walked her back to her room after that. Then I got to know that she’s in a relationship for 7 years. Wow. Then yea I’ll let the rest not appear here.

I just hope that what she said about me is true lah. =D

Then I went Tiscra, called them, and took the bus down to SERDANG. Why? Visit Kien. Lol.

Chatted with Kien’s housemate, and even taught him how to order dishes in Cantonese… like, Gu Lou Yuk Fan, Ham Yu Fa Lam Pou, etc. XD Haha. The KTM is packed man. Dang. When we reached Serdang, I was immediately greeted with the rest of the Vietnamese gang. Chatted with them, and had early dinner.

Well a friend’s gf still remember me being a magician. Wahahahah apparently she liked the tricks I showed her as the impact is there, gua. IDK, as long as she enjoyed it XD

Then the talking continues with Kien and Hien. Talked from studies to random stuffs and eventually Hien’s fave, prostitute visiting. -____- Lol.

Even played with Bao’s PSP, and saw him play the piano, his electric keyboard costs around RM1.6k I was like waaaaaaaaa. *drool* D:

After I asked him how do you learn piano he briefly showed me the keys, this and that, so I listened to it attentively. Piano has always been my dream instrument to play on. Besides flute and drumming. =D Too bad no chance.

Well, quitar’s cool, but it’s just too common already. *rolleyes*

Then we left, took the taxi to the station, and went back home. I saw a girl, black shirt and short shorts. *ahem* She looked at me when I was saying “You confirm don’t look like one” to Hien as I was talking about nationality guessing on first glance. We Malaysians somehow have the ability to tell. If you can’t, well either you sharpen your skills, or I just feel sorry for you XD

She’s… cute. Now I know why the 3 second rule is that important. I should remember that I had nothing to lose. =D Then I will go in for the kill. Somehow. Regardless if I do crash and burn, for her, it shall be then XDXD

*cough* Well if you do get what I was trying to imply… lol.

Hawt dang. Ordered burger from a store nearby, hungry dei.

Went back home, ate it, took a bath, and played for a while. Time to sleep now.

Awsm will continue. =D



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